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Why Hire an International Virtual Assistant?

Have you ever wondered how top tier companies in the entrepreneurial world conquered the marketing industry? Well, there's no secret key for that, but we will show you the right formula to achieve the right equation for your business. If this formula will be executed properly, there is no doubt that your business will shine brighter than before.

Introducing the Virtual Assistants (VAs): They are virtual warriors you need to conquer greater heights. But before delving deeper and unraveling the formula, let us first know what VAs are.

What is a Virtual Assistant and why should I hire one?

virtual assistant services

A virtual assistant is an individual that will provide different services depending on what tasks you'll be needing. VAs are self-employed individuals who specialize in specific tasks where they can access the necessary data and tools to do the job virtually. Generally, VAs are cheaper to employ than domestic employes and are flexible to multi-task across many aspects of your business.

What is an international virtual assistant?

An international virtual assistant is based outside the US, wherein their first language is not English and have different cultural norms and standards than you may be used to. International virtual assistants can be located all over the world, but most of the skilled and available VAs are located in the Philippines or India. 2

Should I Hire An International VA?

If you're having a hard time choosing between a Local and an International VA, well, there's a more significant advantage if you hire an international VA. But before we put that into our equation, we'll show you pointers on the edge of getting VAs outside from your country.

Advantages Of Hiring An International VA

1. They tend to be inexpensive

International virtual assistants are said to be cheaper than their US counterparts.3 With an affordable hourly rate of $5-$7, International VAs can give you a quality job for a reasonable amount. Compared to an average of $15 an hour in the US, which may be too high, especially if your company is still starting to grow.

2. Their working hours are flexible

If you need someone to work an urgent late-night job, international workers are your best option in executing the task. Due to different time zones, your international VA will be wide awake at the times you are not. 4 Which benefits you when you need certain work-related items checked up on regularly, they can cover for you. You'll be having a virtual warrior 24/7 to rescue you during late nights.

There you have it, you have unlocked one of the essential parts in the formula towards success, and that is hiring an efficient Virtual Assistant. If you want your company to grow and earn more cash, hire international VAs. They will not only give you the best output, but they will also save your pockets. If you are still having doubts about what Virtual Assistants can do, you may need to rethink because the more appropriate question is,

"What can’t Virtual Assistants do for you?"


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