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Inbox Management

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Inbox Management


Messages are essential regardless of what modes of communication these letters are being sent. The easiest way to send an official statement, memo, query, or reply is done through electronic messaging due to the advent of technology. Thus, to keep executives updated, they hire virtual assistants to read these inbox transactions, sort and answer these messages. 


Why is there a need to answer all emails regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the letters' content?


Email management includes controlling the quality and number of electronic messages sent from organizations and businesses. Email is a specialized instrument in the industry because it is accessible at any place and time. Speaking with customers and clients and checking in with representatives has never been easier than before. However, executives get hundreds of messages a day and answering each of them can limit productivity and waste energy. Likewise, here are the suggestions from the email management services of Ripple VAs. 







  1. Answer emails right away. If it is spam or useless emails, you can quickly delete it and make the organizing process easier. Once you receive a new email, try to answer it immediately to lessen the possibility of forgetting. For important messages, respond to them within 24 hours and dedicate time to think and decide.

  2. Star important messages. The star feature of emails will allow you to highlight important or urgent messages. This feature will also enable assistants and workers to easily distinguish from other emails, making workflow smooth and efficient. It can also create an easy way to search for emails from the past.  

  3. Classify with labels and folders. Classification is one of the best features because it grants the ability to label several emails and transfer it into one location. This feature can prevent miscommunication and create easy access when you search for specific emails. Make it a habit to tag the emails after responding to them.

  4. Utilize templates. Email templates are the most efficient way to compose and respond. Most emails are more similar than you think, and having templates for follow-ups and acknowledging receipts will save a lot of time. Using templates is ideal for general emails, and you can customize it for personal and significant emails.

  5. Unsubscribe to spam and useless emails. Try to withdraw from accepting messages that are irrelevant to your work. Create a separate folder for these unwanted messages so that you can unsubscribe to them at a later time. If you don't, this can hide essential messages and make your inbox look messy.

  6. Have time to respond. Try not to leave your email unattended the entire day. The piling of notifications can interfere with your focus at work. Set a time to sift browse your email, at least ten minutes a day, and check it from time to time. But if it still is a burden, then there is still a better solution.

  7. Email management virtual assistants. Virtual Assistants can solve your email management problems. You won't have to hassle yourself following all the steps in this list; they can do it for you. One misconception is that businesses and executives wouldn't invest in virtual assistants because it is a waste of money. It is the complete opposite; it will diminish potential profits from the loss of productivity. Likewise, Collaborate and discuss with a virtual assistant. They can do it faster and better. Inbox management virtual assistants are the way to go.




Here are the best email manager applications suggested from


  1. SalesHandy is an all-in-one email productivity tool that tracks and schedules emails, real-time notifications, track documents, creation of email templates, team sharing, and detailed analytics.

  2. SaneBox is an AI-based service that optimizes the email process and works through customization and identification of preferences, as well as scanning the headers of your inbox messages.

  3. EmailAnalytics is an email management tool that visualizes email activity in various charts, tables, and graphs.

  4. Boomerang offers email productivity by writing better emails, meeting emails, scheduling tools, being informed when emails have been read, and get notified when the recipient did not respond.

  5. FrontApp supports the management of team email addresses, the arrangement of discussions, collaboration on email communications, and email flow assignments.

  6. Hiver is an inbox organizer with many helpful scheduling and collaboration features, manages shared email accounts directly from Gmail, email flow to colleagues, assign emails as tasks, transfer email drafts, and set up reminders for scheduling.

  7. Mailstrom is designed to amplify your human intelligence and identifies related emails to manage as a bundle. It protects the inbox from spam and can unsubscribe from mailing lists.

  8. Nylas Mail is a tool that provides an insight into contacts, helps inbox personalization, speed up communication workflow, and has an "undo send" feature.




Knowing the inbox management details, executives, no matter how busy they are, always stay afloat as their virtual assistants assist them in their communication obligations.

Inbox Management Tasks We Can Do For You:

  • Set time to read and respond to emails

  • Organize an inbox with labels, folders, and categories

  • Set inbox rules or filters

  • Unsubscribe from any unwanted promotional emails

  • Create templates for your Go-To Responses

  • Snooze emails to track messages that require follow-ups

  • Check Spam/Junk Folder

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