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Podcast & Video Editing

Remake your audio recordings or video shots

Edit or restructure them to fit your company's style


Imagine this: people from all over the world are stopping what they are doing-- intentionally listening to what YOU have to offer.


That is the power of a video. It makes people pause their world, and press play to know what’s in yours. According to several studies, video content results in more engagement and more revenue, higher than any other post type in any social media platform!


We, at Ripple VAs, will be glad to do that service for you.

Out of the many services we provide here in Ripple VAs, we have learned that audio and video editing is one of the services that is necessary for companies to thrive in this modern-day age. We are also together in this new normal where almost everything is created and consumed online, and we want to give your business an edge.


All businesses are now utilizing the power of social media, and competition is at its highest. To stand out, you need content that fits your branding-- the kind of content that people can find meaning in. Your target audience can just scroll past photos and words in the blink of an eye, but once they decide to play your video, that means they interact with your content longer using several of their senses. This enables them to absorb more information from the products you offer, and they will most likely engage with you in the future.



Here at Ripple VAs, we aim to provide visually pleasing materials that are in line with your branding as a company. We have virtual assistants that are ready to help provide audio recordings and visual content-- which includes processing and editing. 


We also want to make audio-visual content for you that is not only pleasing and in line with your branding but will also be relevant to your target audience. Studies show that your posts will be more engaging if it is sincere and more human, due to the need of people to feel emotionally satisfied. You can tell us stories, along with the emotions you want to convey, so that we can better provide video services for your company. We also encourage feedback; we will be flexible and grow with you and your shifting needs.


Our goal is to provide quality outputs that will embody your company and will make the audience look forward to more of what you can offer for them. Our VAs are well-trained and are experts in their field, and will do their best to make audio-visual content for you that will be worth watching, sharing, and subscribing to. 


If you want to know more about our services, visit our website at Book your strategy call now and avail your free trial of our services today!























Podcast(Audio)/Video Editing Tasks We Can Do For You:

  • Edit audio, add clips, splice clips, process with enhancements

  • Creating video with styles and techniques including the design of graphic elements

  • Adding stabilization, animation, color grading, effects, titles, transitions – we deliver it all in a professionally edited video

  • Produce multitrack mixdown of podcast show

  • Clean audio files by removing background noises, mouth click, breath and other unnecessary sounds.

  • Add effects, music and transitions

Video Editing
Editing with Headphones
Editing a Movie
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