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Initiate reactions such as comments and satisfaction ratings from previous clients

Engage in consultative communication with prospects to make certain that they stay


Now that commerce is in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, reaching potential clients is a pretty big, and possibly perplexing job, as searching for a potential vaccine. Connecting with customers to boost sales while in times of crisis requires figuring out new needs, keeping the brand positive and upbeat, and finding ways to work together.


Yet, with your teeming garden of a to-do list that seems to go on and on without ceasing, buffing up your customer service might be a peripheral responsibility to you. From this scenario, sales funnel virtual assistants and the services they deliver are imperative in the network as businesses would first carry people through from discovering what the industry is to unfolding as a sure client.


What’s with a sales funnel and how can virtual assistants partake?

Sales funnel is a business term used as a reference for lead generation and deal closure. It is one of the many industry tricks to try to prevent the traps of a business failure.


Ideally, a sales funnel can be imagined like an inverted pyramid. It is upturned because the pinnacle reflects the broad formation of people who discover your business. On the other end, only a few build an investment and be a prospective consumer; hence, positioned at the underside.


According to, this pyramid is composed of four sections or stages presenting how the sales process works: (1) awareness, (2) interest, (3) decision, and (4) action.


1. Awareness. In this stage, a simple distinction of a product or service by the client grabs place. The favorable side of brand attention is it drives brand choice and loyalty amid several competitions in the market, while its negative impact includes the influence on a client’s perceptions and manner.


Sales funnel virtual assistants can be of support by proactively trading the brand and shouting it from the rooftops through social media sites. Their assistance can promote repeat purchases and leads to an improvement in market share and cumulative exchanges. Take note that brand perception does not have a financial value on its own, but it is part of the collective marketing effort that drives incremental sales.


2. Interest. As fundamental as the discovery stage is, knowledge about what your customer wants from you is only as good as the way you use it. Concentrating on the service your consumers earn will guarantee that they return for more—and thereby reciprocate, which as a twist, affects more deals.


To spawn interest, sales funnel virtual assistants help businesses identify a distinct group of consumers that are especially inquisitive in buying a certain commodity by doing market research. Executives can then target forthcoming trading actions toward developing curiosity among that group.


3. Decision. The consumer decision process would surely be hard as time and energy to weigh their picks are required. Things such as second-guessing themselves and feeling skeptical are just a part of the process. In various ways, they're a nice thing—a sign that they're thinking about their preferences instead of just going with the flow. Virtual assistants will leap convincing customers by building a strong relationship and ensuring proper supervision with their expectations to secure what outcomes are achievable in a set timeframe.


4. Action. As mentioned earlier, there are many would-be clients at the prime portion, but they are contracted to people who are likely to sign up with your offers. This final stage will synthesize a response in your marketing advice in the way that you want them to. Hence, ensure that it's manageable for your onlookers to get sufficient data or make a purchase by explaining to them exactly what they desire to do as soon as they're done reading or attending to your messages.


If deals aren’t being closed at this part, try examining your sales techniques and securing nothing poses in the way of your patrons making a purchase.


The journey of your clients’ purchasing process is a top prerogative in the market world. Strengthening a proper sales funnel encourages excellent leads to dwell around and helps you spot things that need improvement.


Fair enough, today’s consumers are intricate in their moves. They take time to observe their choices and bargain only from enterprises they are confident with. Thus, a sales funnel permits you to foster leads into clients inch by inch, slowly but surely.

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  • Automation and Integration

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