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Transfer your audio files into text documents

Attach phrases or captions that best attracts the targeted market



Transcription refers to the method of translating the spoken component of the file into written script or electronic text. In order to help hundreds of firms, numerous businesses have offered transcription services, such as dealing with dictations and conversations, to create a written document that can boost efficiency and customer interaction.


Transcription services can be applied in almost everything from school works to business matters. Transcription services have now been available online for a certain sum of money thanks to the enormous technology we have right now. Such services can be performed by means of, or a combination of, actual transcribers, computers, and applications. 



Good skills, excellent concentration, and intense attention are needed for transcription services. While this can sound fantastic, it is not always error-free. A hundred percent accuracy is not assured, regardless of whether the transcription service is human-generated or machine-based. This makes it very important for customers and prospective customers to take into account the transcription service error rates.


Although there are applications capable of transcribing, they sometimes can not work and deal well with highly technical files related to school, business, or work. Transcription service providers have come up with steps to minimize errors and ensure quality in order to prevent this. This is achieved by several businesses by using voice recognition applications and machines and pairing them with a human-generated review process to ensure higher transcription accuracy and success rates.


Transcriptionists also use various techniques to translate speech to text, such as the use of software that enables the audio or video file to pause, fast forward, or rewind. This can be very helpful particularly on vague or ambiguous sections of the recording. 



For countless businesses, outsourcing or hiring transcription services has always been a smart option. After getting to know the following advantages, you may want to consider employing a transcriptionist:

  1. Time savings. For your conversations and meetings, hiring a transcriptionist could save you dozens of hours. By making someone else do the transcription, you may spend your time on more important tasks. You will boost the project turnaround time in this way. 

  2. Money savings. Outsourcing a transcriptionist can offer you not only time savings but money savings as well. Rather than having an idle in-house transcriptionist, it would be more efficient to outsource one when you need one. This way, you get access to low-cost services and pay just for what you need. 

  3. Emphasis and efficiency boost. You save both money and time by employing transcription services. Through this, you are allowing your staff to concentrate their efforts on more profitable activities and other core tasks attributed towards achieving your company’s vision and mission. 



It has been shown that transcription enhances efficiency and improves company workflow. If you are interested in employing transcription services, here are some tips for you:


  1. Ask for recommendations. You may want to consider asking for any suggestions if you are searching for organizations or individuals that provide transcription services. Agencies such as Ripple VAs provide professional transcriptions and provide a wide variety of other services available as well.

  2. Consider rates of error. While no transcription service has been shown to be one hundred percent reliable, checking for error rates remains of vital importance. You wouldn't want to pay the same amount of cash for a service littered with bugs, would you?

  3. Verify the audio quality. It is the duty of transcriptionists to translate speech into text for you. They are also equipped with skills to concentrate on every aspect and pay attention. They are not superhumans, though, nor miracle workers. If the quality of your recordings is very low, then they can only do so much. To create achievable and rational expectations, consider discussing the situation with your transcriptionist first.


Transcription services offer a wide variety of advantages and incentives you can use to boost business operations. If you're ready to recruit a provider of transcription services, then you're good to go. 


You may want to suggest Ripple VAs as the answer to your issue if you're struggling to determine when or who to employ for transcription.


We will help you turn your audio files into text documents here at Ripple VAs and insert phrases or captions that appeal best to your target markets. Our Virtual Assistants have created professional translations, subtitles, and captions for companies since our humble beginnings. Our transcription service is sure to be your hero, regardless of your business field!

Transcription Tasks We Can Do For You:

  • Receive audio file

  • Review File for any highlights 

  • Ensure that the pacing is the same as the audio

  • Keep tight watch over grammar and spelling errors

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