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Lead Generation

Build email lists of potential customers

Reach out with scripted emails 

Maximize your click-through-rates and conversions


Do you have any problems connecting to potential clients and providing marketing to them so that your products and services will be promoted? To ease your hassle linking to the broad market, hire a lead generation assistant who will do these marketing tasks on your behalf.

Lead Generation is the method of attracting prospects to show interest in a company's product or service. Job applications, blog posts, coupons, live events, and web content are examples of lead generators. A lead is typically the customer's contact information interested in a specific product or service and demographic information. Leads are crucial for businesses because it will give a more excellent perception of the brand. It improves income and revenue as well as a good return on investment. Effective communication with the target market will be more accessible. Collecting critical prospects will be efficient, and it is a cheaper alternative to other advertising methods.

Virtual Lead Generation Jobs 

The spectrum for Lead Generation is endless. It spans into a wide variety of businesses, which are too many to mention. These business leads can be generalized and divided into categories:

1. Sales leads are created based on demographic criteria such as income, age, household income, psychography, etc. Such leads are sold to various advertisers and typically followed up by phone calls, emails, or social selling. Sales leads are found most commonly in finance industries, insurance, and mortgage. Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) are leads evaluated for relevant qualifying requirements to be followed-up by salespeople, often called Sales Creation Representatives (SDRs). Qualification requirements include need, budget, capacity, time-frame, interest, or purchasing authority.

2. Marketing leads are leads produced for a unique offering from advertisers. Marketing leads are brand-specific and sold only once, a direct contrast to sales leads. Since transparency is a requirement for marketing lead generation, marketing lead campaigns can be optimized by mapping their sources with leads. Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) are leads that usually come from inbound channels, such as Web Search or content marketing, and demonstrate an interest in a product or service of a business. 

3. Investor lead is a form of sales lead in which an entity's identity is interested in participating in an investment. These leads are considered to have disposable revenue that can be used for return on investment in interest, dividend, profit sharing, or asset appreciation to participating in appropriate investment opportunities. Investor lead lists are usually generated by investment surveys, subscriptions to investor newsletters, or companies raising capital and selling a database of individuals who have expressed an interest. Small businesses seeking to fund their venture or needing expansion capital not available to banks or lending sources often use the Investor Lead lists.


Lead Generation Services:

1. Attain sale quotas 

It is best to reach the intended target market at a given time, as this shows your marketing leadership and responsibility in the company. Generating sales is the lifeblood of the business. Thus, it is your primary goal to walk the talk by letting the public purchase the product(s) or services.


2. Boost sales through extensive outreach

Sales marketing is confined through a list of potential buyers and extends through a referral from loyal customers. This can be achieved during product testing in the market and giving of samples to the public.

3. Drive engagement to a company's brand and social media channels. 

Creating videos, testimonial posts, infographics, product posters, and information campaigns posted in various social media outlets is the best way to advertise the product(s) or services.  Reliable and affordable, these social media avenues have a more significant market reach to the greater public.


4. Help providers with follow-up campaigns.

Websites and social media advertisements generate sales and must be programmed in a given timeline to convince the consumers of the product(s) and services. This provides some "seeding" to the consciousness of the potential clients.

5. Outsourced services can be used in combination with lead generation.

It includes inbound marketing services and email marketing services.

This is the perfect strategy to advertise product(s) and services as there is a continuity of the promotion and cover the areas that may not be reached by advertising campaigns.


6. Streamline sales and marketing strategy.

It is being believed that the more centered a company is towards their clients, the more

sales potential there is.


7. Target campaigns to individuals 

Best advertisements focus on individual campaigns such as sharing testimonials or showing how the product(s) or service(s) has/have changed the client's lifestyle. Individual focus is necessary as this will create a bandwagon at a later time.

8. Test different sectors and industries

To know where the potential market is to market research, different age groups, and different places to generate high sales. These results will allow businesses to focus on the areas that sales are high.


9. To be organized, accessed, and updated throughout the sales lifecycle, lead lists assembled and delivered can be uploaded into the organization's CRM software.

It is always advisable to store the figures and sales generated every day, every month, and every year. This will provide a comparison for quality control, expansion, or whatever purpose it may serve the company.

Lead Generation Virtual Assistant

Hiring Lead Generation Virtual Assistants guarantee a constant stream of leads for businesses to reach and sell their products or services. The virtual assistant lead manager would do the following:

  1. Apply lead research across premium applications/software 

  2. Establish excel databases  

  3. Expand professional network

  4. Generate Lead through online research

  5. Keep database updated of potential customers

  6. Make more frequent calls 

  7. Manage appointments

  8. Obtain eligible leads through data verification software

  9. Provide Email Support

  10. Research on competitors 

  11. Use LinkedIn for lead research and network growth  

  12. Utilize crawler applications to find emails

Another aspect is the lead generation tasks that embrace calendar scheduling, customer research/survey, email lookup, follow-up, marketing, collection, and landing page creation. This also involves lead data collection, live chat to customers, process and marketing automation, and social media and forum.

Virtual Lead Generation Prospecting:

To qualify for Lead Generation Services, a provider must: 

  • Deliver complete lists of quality and verified leads.

  • Employ online research, content marketing, and source lead. 

  • Ensure data is correct and legitimate sales opportunities are available in qualifying leads

  • To better understand a business and to determine its ideal target customers, conduct customer profile creation interviews.





Thus, to achieve your goals, a lead generation method is the best technique to capture many potential clients out there.  Without any worries or sleepless nights thinking, you are assured your business or company is on the right track.

Lead Generation Tasks We Can Do For You:

  • Build email lists of potential customers

  • Prospecting new opportunities with Direct Messaging

  • Reach out and use personalized cold emails 

  • Drive engagement to a client’s brand and social media channels. 

  • Build strong social media presence across multiple platforms.

  • Researching leads that meet the target audience requirements and engaging them in order to qualify them for sales.

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