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VA inspiring Story: The faith within Faith

Faith conquered the virtual world despite her difficult start:

“I started with zero knowledge, but with the constant help of my Seniors, I became one of the best performing VA for the Ripple Team,” she noted.

Faith Rubin was then a fresh graduate of Mindanao State University with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management when she applied in Ripple VAs back in 2018. Faith wasn’t ready back then to enter a world where she was a stranger, but it didn’t hold her from challenging herself to try new things. “I made google my best friend” — Faith supplemented the lack of her knowledge by independently researching the stuff she’s unfamiliar with. She also started taking advice and tips from her seniors. From that point, she realized that she’s capable of doing something more remarkable for her clients.

Faith started her Ripple Journey with five clients. She made that starting point as her observation-phase of how things work. This became the turning point of Faith’s career. She was performing well in her team, as evidenced by constant quality work.

Faith noted one particular experience where she led a challenging project that tested her patience and communication skills. The project was Micro-Influencers (Instagram) Research. Together with her team, she had to find 1000 Instagram accounts every day. Faith led her team together with her assistant and eventually successfully finished the job.

Despite the heavy workload from her clients, Faith never forgets to pray, Psalm 37:4 Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart, was her energy giving a quote. This motivates her to become a better VA every day. Faith says that Ripple strengthens her faith in God: “This company is one of its kind, Ripple is centered not only in giving quality works for the clients, but it also introduces its members to God.” Faith was able to know more about God because of this company. The Ripple molded her not only to become one of the best VAs in the industry but also a good disciple of God’s words.

With all the hurdles that Faith experienced, she rose as a victor in the plethora of challenges with the help of God, her best friend, and the Ripple Family. Faith overcame her lack of knowledge when she entered the Virtual Assistant world. Indeed, Faith was able to conquer the obstacles she had in every step in the daunting world of virtual assistants. Faith continues to grow by the day, and her perseverance to pursue a better version of herself eventually bore fruit as she became one of Ripple’s ‘VA of the Week’ awardees in July 2020.


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