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The sun rays peek through the cracks of the window as a new day commences. Bidding farewell to cozy pillows means embracing a realm packed with possibilities. In this realm, we strive for growth and improvement and one way to achieve these is through working, literally, our way through life.

Traveling and commuting to one’s workspace is a custom some might find tedious. Well, working from home is an entirely different story and with it, a routine that makes everything manageable.

Here’s how the work routines of Ripple VAs’ very own

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Shana Manzano, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Melvie Ayacaide look like in the comforts of their own homes:

Diligently waking up 15 minutes before her work shift, Ripple VAs’ COO, Shana Manzano, instills discipline within herself. Along with this, she goes to pray to God and thank Him for a new day and for gracing her a job that fits her perfectly. Considerably, this sparks a big difference on her day.

Up for a fresh start, Shana strides to her workspace. While waiting for her personal computer to boot up, she usually goes over her tasks that need to be done for the day. In this way, she can be mindful of the things to prioritize within the span of her working hours.

Checking for important messages is given. Before Shana dives into her tasks, she always checks her Skype and Emails to note if there are messages that need to be dealt with immediately. By doing this, she is able to connect to the outside world and still be in the comforts of her home, at that.

Life is a balance of work and rest. When work begins to get overwhelming sometimes, Shana finds refuge in taking breaks. She, then, plays Christian songs to replenish her zest to carry on her load for the day. One great thing about working from home is you get to rest in whatever way you want with no one raining on your parade.

An end-of-day report finalizes her day. Before ending her shift, Shana makes sure to send updates to her clients to visualize what has been accomplished for the day. Through this, she wraps up her shift and transitions back to the cozy ambiance her home brings.

Admittedly, Shana’s routine is sometimes accompanied by comfortable clothes, such as pajamas, and that saves her from the trouble of spending a lot of time deciding what to wear.

“Setting apart a space dedicated only for work helps transition your mind from being cozy to being professional. It also takes discipline in training your mind to be stronger than your body,” Shana shares.

Meanwhile, Ripple VAs’ CFO, Melvie Ayacaide also shares her personal routine as a work-from-home Virtual Assistant for almost 3 years now.

Starting the day with a mindful and refreshed disposition, Melvie immerses in her personal hygiene. In this way, she can brush off unnecessary drowsiness and establishes focus before indulging in her work shift. This is vital for transitioning from ‘living at home’ to ‘working at home’. True enough, the initial decisions we make as we wake up dictate how the rest of our day shall proceed.

A good meal is a must. Some get energized through drinking coffee or tea. For Melvie, she makes sure that her meals are not overlooked as they are her fuel to jump-start her grind and for her to function effectively and efficiently on her day-to-day strive.

An allowance for devotion contributes to a fulfilling day. One can never go wrong with a journal and a pen. Scribbling her reflections about life and God’s words on a fresh page, Melvie spends a quiet hour for her spiritual and mental wellness. Her Creator’s words and her gratitude complete Melvie’s pre-working regimen.

In addition to this, Melvie discloses,

“Unbelievable as it may seem, I already disciplined myself to accomplish house-related tasks and other important errands each day. Once they are done, I go through my to-do list to set realistic goals each day.”

Undeniably, with great work-from-home power comes great household responsibilities.

As Melvie starts her work shift, she uses a project management tool that helps her be on top of her game. This way, she knows which tasks are the utmost priorities and must be dealt with immediately.

Building a routine is a powerful tool to pave your way through life's chaotic demands. It helps you stay on track, focus on your goals, and test your discipline, which will be necessities if you want to grow as an individual.

It could be overwhelming sometimes to shift into immensely different vibes all in the same location, such as at home. From the comfort it brings to the professionalism a work demands, one has to build a routine to establish boundaries, manage priorities, and increase productivity. Truly, two different things morphed into one setting could be handy if one knows how to utilize its advantages.


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