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VA Feature: Tirzah Joy Manzano: A Glimmer of God’s Love

Tirzah is one of the most talented virtual assistants of Ripple. She started her collegiate education by taking up Management Accounting at the University of Cebu and even became a Dean's Lister. When the pandemic began, it hindered her schooling and took a break in her 2nd year and is, fortunately, focusing on her work as a virtual assistant today.

The beginning of her work at Ripple started last 2019. She shared: "When Ate Jez asked me to create graphics for the Filipino VA Success Academy (now Ripple Success Academy) — I accepted it. They needed one to handle the task, so Ate Jez absorbed me to Ripple."

She notes that the proudest thing she has accomplished was when she was awarded 'VA of the week.' Her experience at Ripple improved her talent and passion (which is designing), giving her puddles of joy when the management has seen her grow along the months of working and seeing how embellished she has become —giving her a positive motivation to do even better. "Simple appreciation through words of praise from my family, Ripple, and my clients helps a lot in building my confidence. They inspire me to do greater things not only for me but also to the people surrounding me," she proclaimed.

Born on October 16, 2000, Tirzah recalls that in her life, her parents always remind her to be conscious of God’s presence, words from Colossians 3:2. Because of that, it became her favorite verse and life motto. She describes herself as someone who likes to have time for her family, friends, and herself.

She also believes that building a relationship comes first to her, most notably her relationship with God. Her ability to paint while listening to music is one way she escapes reality.

Eccentrically, she loves the feeling of taking night walks, buying snacks from convenience stores, and wistfully appreciates serene, solemn nights. Lastly, she says, "I see challenges as opportunities to grow instead of setbacks. That way, I don’t get easily swayed whenever I make mistakes. I know my learning from those pitfalls will help mold me to become a better version of myself. “ Tirzah also dreams to be successful someday — "I envision finishing my studies and becoming successful. I don't know what career I will be taking. But wherever God leads me, I'll take it. If it's God who's leading my journey, I'm sure it will be fruitful and successful."

Her entire experience at Ripple gave her a lot of knowledge under her belt — gearing to a bright future. And with the help of her co-VAs, she's ready to take her talents to the next level.


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