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VA FEATURE - Ryz: Conquering Law School as a Part-Time VA

This may be an impossible feat to pull off, but everyday, there are full-time working, full-

load students getting up and gearing for life. Ryz Luague — a 23 year old law student from

Dumaguete city, trying to balance work, school, and life. As if juggling these tasks wasn't

difficult enough, Ryz's desire to develop new skills has him striving to improve in the VA

industry and Law school.

It is no exaggeration to say that many law students work part time to support themselves.

Ryz started his VA journey when one of his friends suggested Ripple as a good part-time

job. “ It was a quick process but I enjoyed the interviews and practice tasks that I was given.

And everyone in Ripple is so nice and it's a joy to be part of it," he said.

“Ripple is a great place to get started if you're eyeing a career as a VA/freelancer. They'll teach you most of the tricks of the trade and it's somewhere you can just hone your skills

without really worrying about getting your next client," he added.

Ryz's first client was a highlight for him: “Going into the whole VA scene, I was not expecting to get such a kind and thoughtful client right off the bat, and it really gave me a morale boost working in this field.”

Ryz is one of our remarkable virtual assistants whose values are honesty, integrity and

quality. “Our work as VAs requires a lot of trust between you and your client so honesty and

integrity should always be a core value. I always try my hardest to give my best when I work.”

Continuing law school while working part-time is not an impossible feat; it is a daunting

task that many have accomplished, and Ryz sure will too.

Ryz has shown his unfaltering energy and determination as he continues to

conquer law school and his part time work.


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