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VA Feature: Rogenrey Reponte - The Man Forged in Faith and Aspirations

With nothing but trust in God and willingness to learn, Rogenrey entered the world of virtual assistance and was forged into being “The Man of Faith and Aspiration.”

Rogenrey Ellama Reponte is a virtual assistant at Ripple VAs. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting Technology from the Arturo Eustaquio Colleges - which people now call the Universidad de Zamboanga. He also studied Theology in Project 8, Quezon City. This 42-year old man is a brother to two, father of two, and a husband happily married for four years to one lucky lady.

With nothing but faith and willingness, Rogenrey entered the world of virtual assistance in September 2020. When asked about his journey in Ripple, he enthusiastically expressed his thoughts, “It’s a blessing to have encountered a Facebook ad on Ripple Success Academy. I attended and heard so much from Ma’am Jezrel (CEO of Ripple VAs)”.

“Out of excitement to be part of Ma’am Jezrel’s team, I immediately sent a private message and expressed my intent and willingness to learn the ways of a Virtual Assistant,” he exclaimed. Rogenrey was given an opportunity to join Ripple as one of the company’s interns, then was welcomed later on as one of its official virtual assistants.

Throughout his transformative journey with Ripple, he brims with good character and the best work values. He believes in the significance of accepting criticisms and values promptness. Rogenrey also keeps his mind and heart open for any instruction and recommendation, for he knows that these would help him become better.

While trying to stumble on Rogenrey’s dreams and aspirations, he expresses his desire to be a blessing to everyone around him and his vision of providing a home to his family, which they can call their own. With faith and willingness to learn as his strong suits, Rogenrey loves to read the Bible and watch tutorials on Youtube. Aside from these, he never forgets to give his family quality time and study for Sunday School.

Giving him faith and strength to move forward, he quotes 1 Corinthians 15:10: But by the grace of God, I am what I am. Rogenrey loves working with Ripple, for he gets molded professionally and spiritually because of the God-centered culture the company has. With this, he was transformed and forged to be the man of faith and aspiration he is.

“I am sure Ripple VAs will open big opportunities that would change my life even more — in God’s perfect timing,” he says as he conveys his aspiration of giving quality works to more clients and of becoming one of the best VAs, not just at Ripple but in the whole industry. The man forged in faith and aspirations, indeed.


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