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[VA FEATURE] Reychemver Credo: Exemplifying Confident Humility and Knowledge

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” It might sound a bit cliché, but in fact, this describes how Reychemver Campos Credo sees the world. Being a very optimistic person, he views life as having abundant opportunities. While it may be harder to find, he always encourages himself to look for them to control the path to success. Some may call him a bit compulsive about cleanliness and perfection, but he likes to see things the way everyone prefers to see them - at their best.

Reychemver participated as a Philippine delegate for Governance and Diplomacy in the first-ever Philippine-Korean Youth Forum (PKYF) in 2021. In the same year, he also participated in the Local Conference of the Youth (LCOY) Pilipinas – a comprehensive gathering of youth in the country to discuss environmental issues. As an enthusiastic student, he has had engaged himself in both on- and off-campus training workshops and gave talks on campus journalism as part of their extension projects in The NORSUnian (TN), the official weekly student publication of his school, Negros Oriental State University.

Reychemver is hard-working, trustworthy, reliable, and assures the tasks supplied to him be delivered with quality. Being a self-directed learner, he can do things independently and learn every step of the way. Reychemver possesses a confident humility that, as Adam Grant put it, knows how little he knows and how much he can learn. He can be humble without losing ground on his journey to self-love. Learning things related to professional progress and teaching them to others has been his greatest achievement so far. By sharing with others, he also assists them in accomplishing their ultimate success.

Meanwhile, he is more of a night owl and an indoor person. Since he is a BA Social Science Major, he must read many books. Thus, he balances his time by reading books to quench his insatiable thirst for knowledge when he is not working. Reychemver is also very passionate about writing. Because of that, he is the Editor-in-Chief of The NORSUnian and is currently in his second term already. He finds strength in God as well as giving opinions or advice to people. He values the people around him and shares their struggles because the people he surrounds himself with affect his potential.

He is very thankful that he entered Ripple, knowing that it would be a great opportunity to seek growth. Being a content writer is his first part-time job. It is a nerve-wracking experience for him, unlike anything else. He learned to be independent and led him to a hallway uncovering his purpose. Aside from that, with Ripple’s being a Christian company, he feels that he is at home and gets to share the ingredients of his chosen faith with the rest of the team.

His best experience with the company is the weekly mentorship. He met new people who had their fair share of stories and learning experiences and saw growth in the spiritual aspect of his life in the past months. Ripple’s purpose-driven culture helped him practice gratitude and nurture hope. That is why it is no wonder Ripple has kept itself outstanding from the rest of the virtual assistant companies he knows.

Lastly, Reychemver’s message to other freelancers is that “Today’s opportunities for freelancers are erupting, so if you, folks, are fond of having flexible working hours or working independently, then the VA industry is absolutely good for you. Being new to the freelancing world, I’ve experienced firsthand how it’s the best place for beginners like me. I have no regrets about being at it while studying full-time, so, try it!”


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