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VA FEATURE: PEARL EGAM — Inspiring Breadwinner & Virtual Assistant

If there’s one trait that might define Pearl’s identity — it’s her loyalty and close ties to family. She took pride in looking out for the needs of her families and loved ones. It became her obligation which arises not out of force but by habit. This is the sense of familial love taught to her at a young age.

On being a VA, Pearl recalled her journey when she started in 2015. She was working full-time in a corporate company and as a part-time VA at the same time. This became her daily routine — she juggled her time. Indeed, we can say that Pearl is a master of time management. Later on, people would ask her how she managed her time. Pearl would humbly reply: “That’s the beauty of being a VA. We work on our own time. We work at our own pace. It’s quite hard initially, but when we master time management, it becomes easier and easier. It's just a matter of commitment and self-discipline.”

Pearl Egam started her journey after transferring to Cebu to grab a scholarship opportunity at the University of Cebu-Banilad. From there, her family decided to stay and build a life here in Cebu. She envisioned building a home for her family after she experienced the difficulty of renting. Living in the city was tough with all the bills and payables. This was the routine she wanted to break. So, she worked hard and saved. Pearl said, “Know your priorities. Track your progress. Eventually, you will reap the fruits of all your sacrifice.” Proudly, last 2019, Pearl was able to build a home for her family. She finally made her vision come true with the help of Ripple VAs. Pearl managed to escape from her challenging moments.

The 5 years that Pearl spent in the industry have been meaningful because of Ripple and her clients. She also noted the company’s culture — Ripple motivates its VA and celebrates with them. The management also listens and speaks to its VAS. Pearl said: “Nothing beats a company like Ripple. Molded and guided by God. It will reflect not just on the company but also on each VA that becomes part of it. Every seed that they planted on each of us will thrive and ripple on others. They will always be remembered.”

Ripple VAs has helped Pearl find her resolve in life and her dreams. Life has been interesting and challenging but it became bearable because of Ripple. She was able to stay in the company because of its culture. Also, it gives her freedom, and flexibility to work in her own space. The Virtual Assistant industry helped her build dreams and achieve financial fulfillment. And of course, it allows Pearl to meet people from different places, as her goal in life is to inspire other people, and being a VA aligns with this purpose.

Indeed, Pearl is the epitome of a breadwinner staunch with a champion’s blood. Just before the year 2020 ends, Pearl made it to the top after being hailed as VA of the week twice. She continuously inspired aspiring breadwinners who want to follow in her footsteps. To all the Virtual Assistants who are doubting themselves. Pearl has a message for all of you: “Love your job and live a meaningful life. Life is not just about the money and worldly success — it’s about how we use this borrowed life to fulfill our mission with the Lord. Enjoy the journey, it won’t be an easy ride, but just be still, and do what you can do. Trust God as He is with you with all your pains and struggles. Celebrate small wins and find joy in everything you do. Always know your priorities, write them out and track them, it will teach you more about life.”

That’s Pearl Egam: An inspiring breadwinner. The Pearl of her family and Ripple.


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