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VA Feature: Paolo Gallardo – A Man of Few Words

Paolo Gallardo graduated with a Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science and Information Technology specializing in Systems and Software Engineering at Asia Pacific College. He is a professional web developer with five years of experience in WordPress web development. For him, debugging becomes significantly easier if you first admit that you are the problem.

Paolo Gallardo is a man of few words, being direct to the point and having concise answers. He is independent, headstrong, and loves his profession so much that he treats work the same way he treats leisure, to have fun. After work, he indulges in the world of video gaming. Being an ambivert, Paolo loves going out and does not mind staying indoors; he is also a morning person. He does not have any valuable object in his life because everything he views is equal in importance. Similarly, the special people in his life are his son, wife, parents, siblings, relatives, and friends with him for more than ten years.

Web Development is his passion, and he dreams of having a team of developers where he is the leader. Meanwhile, he wants to travel to a Scandinavian country someday. The most significant adversity he experienced was when he was admitted to the hospital because of dengue. It was very critical because his platelets dropped to 15. From then on, he is ready to face any complex challenges in life. Before working with Ripple, he has impressive web development experience from various types of companies. Now, he is very thankful for joining Ripple because the most memorable experiences come from his clients. It is the best avenue for him to show his expertise and utilize his full capabilities. Thus, his ultimate goal each day is to serve the company and make his clients happy.


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