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“M-I-B Motivating, Inspiring, Blessed”

She described her experience in Ripple VA through these 3 initials. Similarly, the said M-I-B initials also paved the way for a symbolic meaning to emerge, and that is her kickoff journey in the company, which signifies:

“M-aryann I-s B-ack”

So, need we say more? Introducing, Maryann Condalor Mateo, the ever-dashing single mom slash Virtual Assistant from Ripple VA!

Before we dive into the whole “I Shall Return” vibe, let us first get to know her more. Maryann is a single mom to her 25-year old only son, who’s taking up a Psychology course. She was a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at UST in 1990.

She worked as a Cost Engineer for 7 years in Singapore, 6 years in Japan, and a Design Cost Engineer in the Philippines for 7 years. She was also a Volunteer Secretariat at Ateneo OF-LIFE AFLSE.

Before joining Ripple VAs, she already recalled how thankful she was for that moment: “From day one I have learned about Ripple VAs, I already expressed how grateful I am.”

“First to Ms. Jez Perez, from day 1 of her Free Online classes during ‘quarantine’ which made Friday nights interesting.

Then out of her generosity, she gave a Free Masterclass, wherein after that event, I submitted my CV and applied to be one of the RVAs’ VA.

While waiting for my application, another Masterclass was held, and during that class, I was chosen as an RSA Scholar. I graduated RSA 2.0 under Tribe David.

With my training, I was able to get a client, but then my desire to be part of RVAs never diminished, so I applied again as a part-time VA, and here I am now.

I felt inspired as I learned more things that I can imagine Ripple VAs will extend to the team. Much more, I am grateful for the Spiritual Mentorship that we have because this part has a lot to do with how I will live my life now. And I thank God for leading me to Ripple VAs.”

Her perseverance to strive hard, reapply, and return to the company with a vision in mind molded her to become who she is now.

To live life motivated, inspired, and blessed gave her the leverage to witness valuable things she had hoped for.

With her determination, she proved how hard work truly pays off as long as you have that goal set in your mind. You can do a lot of things, with the right people, with the right company.

“My message to all freelancers is to Pause, Pray and be Patient. To Pause, so you can clear your mind. Achieve that mindset of Asking God’s grace in Prayers. Assess what you really want to be as a ‘freelancer’ and acknowledge all the gifts and talents that you already have.”

“Align them to see how you can maximize those in your life as a freelancer and be Patient, for the hard work that you are doing now may yield its fruits not instantly, but with God’s grace it will bear its fruits in His time, year after year until God declares it sufficient.”

She is Maryann Condalor Mateo, and she is back.


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