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[VA Feature] Kima Dy Jarder: An Epitome of God's Redirection

Kima Dy Jarder is a twenty-eight-year-old Batangas native. Before becoming a Virtual Assistant, Kima was a Registered Pharmacist at a community pharmacy in Mandaluyong for seven years. According to her, she learned virtual assistance through her brother and friend, AJ Mamitag. They used to share insights about their career with her and, seeing how successful they were, gave her the light to try entering the world of virtual assistance.

Virtual assistance came at the ideal time for her. She struggled with her career growth at her current job and has felt stagnant. She wanted to try and learn new things, so she signed up at Ripple Success Academy and closed her first client this month, in October.

Initially, she began her career at Ripple by looking for clients with whom she could work and later found a profound sense of purpose. Through mentorship, Ripple brought her closer to success while leading her closer to God. According to her, Ripple Virtual Assistance Experience will continue as long as she grows and assists her clients and everyone around her. She stated that she desires to stay with Ripple for as long as God allows her.

Kima Dy Jarder is, indeed, the epitome of God's redirection. She found a deeper purpose in her journey, from being a registered pharmacist to becoming a virtual assistant. Her words to aspiring virtual assistants are this: “To all the aspiring VAs, a great opportunity is knocking on your door. If you have that desire to learn and listen, to be able to help, take control of your time in the comfort of your home and grow personally, Virtual Assistance could be that career you’re dreaming of. Ripple Vas is a very excellent platform for your talents and aspirations. Start today!”


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