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A virtual assistant is no ordinary employee because aside from having a sharp mind and being a risk-taker with a disciplined workmanship, a virtual assistant possesses many talents. So is the story of Kaye Villacrucis who juggles work and study altogether.

Kaye is a graduate of Bachelor of Business Administration major in management, and as of this writing, she is taking up law at Silliman University. She was born in Dipolog City and currently lives in Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte. She is hard-working, a fast learner, and has good intrapersonal and communication skills.

Despite being an only child, she considers her dogs as her siblings. She plays computer games and is passionate about helping others in need and is willing to spend time for those in trouble. Being an outdoor type of person, she dreams of doing a motorcycle ride around the Philippines, learning motocross, sky diving, freediving, and travelling outside the Philippines with her family.

Before she graduated from college, she took up several trainings and seminars. She was able to train in Singapore at Bloomberg. Being a Certified Financial Market Professional, she has an idea of predicting the Stock Market. She also attained training in B.A.N.K., which teaches how to approach customers and have the ability to sell or achieve something from them. In relation to Virtual Assistance, she was able to have a quick training in Filipino VA Success Academy (now Ripple Success Academy) and Ripple Continuing Education Program. With CEO Jez Perez's help, she has been equipped with the skills needed in dealing with the VA industry.

Ripple allowed her to be flexible with her schedule. She was inspired by her friend, Jam, making her join the field of virtual assistance. Her contribution to Ripple is by being an awesome virtual assistant that she could ever be. Aside from that, Ripple taught her how to spend and manage time wisely. Before the week starts, she makes a list of things to do and prioritizes her important tasks. Meanwhile, she is not afraid to ask questions or clarifications. This is how she balances her time and maintains good work ethics.

The best Ripple company culture for her is when there is something that she will get confused about, many people are willing to help; all are approachable and friendly. Her message to other freelancers is that failing is part of life. Not everyone can take the risk and accept that they had failed. That is why do not be afraid to fail because she believes that one should learn from it to become a better person and be successful in life.


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