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“Keep moving forward.” These are the words that manifested his very core when asked about his journey in Ripple. Jorge Ma Fuentes Javier, often called J, is one of the most outstanding Virtual Assistants in Ripple. He is an embodiment of brilliance as he incessantly displays various noteworthy skills that significantly impact Ripple’s success. His competence further strengthens the company to a degree. Such an inspiration!

Before joining Ripple VAs in October 2020, J studied at the University of Saint La Salle through high school and college, where he majored in Mass Communications and Philosophy. Before that, he had some elementary education at Cebu International School.

Post-school, J did a few things like teach summer classes in touch typing and Microsoft Office application proficiency, designed a curriculum, co-produced a cable TV program, directed a live concert, and others. He was also part of the initial team that formed an advertising agency, a team that included his future wife. He and she both then took that agency to Makati and worked there for a year, during which they offered agency services to an entertainment firm that had projects in the Middle East. Subsequently, they were both hired to relocate to Dubai - which was 18 years ago. While in Dubai, J has had multiple corporate-role assignments in IT, design, and administration.

Not only are his high-caliber experiences remarkable, but his interests in books and music are impressive to boot. He has a vast belief continuum, encompassing philosophy and mysticism, cosmology to quantum mechanics, and the many-worlds interpretation. A vital tenet of his is to "Follow the science."

Yet behind this brilliance is the happiness of a husband supporting his wife through her successes and seeing his child graduate from Ateneo, who now also works in Dubai.

“To everyone at Ripple VAs, thank you for having me. Through RVA, I have been able to meet new people from around the world and begin a new career as a virtual assistant. It's been interesting, challenging, and fun thus far, and I'm looking forward to the journey,” he said.

To other freelancers, "Good luck! Hang in there! Your efforts, large or small, benefit others, and do some good in the world,” he added.

Indeed, he truly is an example of excellence — not only in tangible terms but also in theoretical life values. After all, he’s one of the many brilliant and inspirational Virtual Assistants that Ripple takes pride in.

Beyond everything, we are reminded that greatness is measured not solely by yourself but on how you can create ripples to the world and the people around you... Once again, he is Jorge Ma Fuentes Javier, Ripple VA’s paragon of brilliance!


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