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VA FEATURE: Jennifer Adia - Securing the Self through Faith

“All my life, I had lived in fear and always afraid of what others would think. I’m done living my life that way.”

She used to place so much importance on external validation, but now, all she is striving for is to please God and to stand strong on the path that God laid out for her.

Jennifer Asman Adia is a virtual assistant here at Ripple VAs, and she is currently 28 years old. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science major in Agriculture, and she has also graduated from a vocational course as a nursing aide.

She has been brought up in a very disciplined atmosphere, where values and principles have always been given priority. “It gives me great pleasure to give an introduction to my family. My respected father’s name is Arsenio Aban Asman. He is a Chef, and my mother is also a cook and a manager in our mini restaurant located at Brgy. Poblacion, San Vicente, Palawan - a place like a paradise.”

It is apparent that Jennifer’s great source of motivation in life is her parents, along with her three sisters and two brothers. She is also a loving wife to her husband. They all thrive in each other’s love, support, and enduring care.

This led her to become a secure person about herself because she knows that she is surviving in this universe by the grace and help of her Savior. She likes forming new bonds with people, although she is sometimes inclined to hide her feelings and emotions. Her self-security is also reflected in how she carefully listens to and accepts constructive criticisms because this is her way of constantly improving herself and her work.

However, her security and confidence in herself did not come easy. Her most significant challenge in life was when she lived in fear of what others thought of her. All this brought her worry, heartaches, and disappointment, and at one point, she had let this ruin her life. However, she realized that she deserves more out of life, and she has to set proper boundaries.

“Now, I’m taking back my life and owning my choices and decisions. Now, I will not allow people to treat me less than what I deserve. This is my life, and I demand more love, more light, more hope, and more freedom. I’m going to open my mind to all positive things and close my soul to all negativities that other people bring to my life. I realized now that whatever happens in my life is because of my own decisions and choices, and God is guiding me through it all.”

This positive outlook in her life and herself led her to have enough confidence to apply to Ripple without hesitation because she knows that Ripple can help in improving her skills, and she can contribute so much to the company as well.

“Ripple helped me to grow in the word of God. In Ripple, I feel that I have a second loving family, and it had a Ripple effect on my life. It led me to discover more, to do more, and to go out of my comfort zone and see the beauty of my life that God has given to me.”

Out of all these things, the Ripple company culture that she likes best is weekly mentorship. She loves that the company prioritizes its time towards the ministry of God.

Jennifer’s message to other freelancers is this: “Learn to go out of your comfort zone. Good things happen when we think and see outside the box. We see the goodness of our Lord; we learn to improve our skills. Remember that the right mindset is the key to success.”


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