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VA Feature: Jea Christine Asio- A Woman of Courage

"I am in love with God, who never fails to perform his promises."- words uttered from a resurgence of hope and courage by Jea Christine Asio.

Jea is the eldest daughter in her family and sometimes referred to as Jieyaaa or just simply Jea by her family and colleagues. She began her Ripple career last August 31, 2020 under the tutelage of Ripple VAs’ CEO Jez Perez.

She graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines(PUP), Manila. Studying tourism enables her to find comfort in her passion for learning geography, history, and other world's overwhelming destinations. Jea is a bookworm who loves to read leadership books, strategic and nonfiction stories. During stressful moments, she unwinds by watching movies and playing cooking games like dinner dash as she loves to play fast and time-pressuring games. Her games made her love eat almost every food, but she craves chocolate the most.

Being a Christian, Jea tries to live a life dedicated to God alone. She decided to serve God when she was 13 and took her leap of faith to a non-sectarian church called Jesus is Lord Church Worldwide. First, she grew by faith in the Pasig chapter, then taking another journey in the Ortigas Center chapter.

She is also decorated while she was still a student - garnering awards like being the 1st Honor of her School's Leadership Program (JIL Pasig) and 1st Honor in Campus Mission Training in 2018

After her graduation, Jea was hired as a call center agent in Sykes Asia Mandaluyong under the US-based travel account and stayed in for one year and two months. After her career in the said company, Jea was about to start her job in her dream travel agency but didn't pushed through due to the pandemic. This has left Jea unemployed amid the pandemic and caused her heartbroken as their family runs out of resources to sustain their financial needs.

With all the frustrations, Jea took the scenario as a silver-lining, and that made her discover the VA world. To quote Jea's words, "I thought I have nothing amidst the crisis. But God made this for me to acquaint myself with the VA world. God opened the windows of hope and joy again. I started to dream big again, and up to this time, I am putting my dreams into action. Hence, putting it to reality."

Afterwards, through surfing to the internet, she paid for an enrollment course to become a virtual assistant. Jea vividly remembers how she spent studying the strategies and information, fusing how she can market herself as a virtual assistant that makes her sleep at four in the morning. The VA gates were wide open to Jea, so she asked her mother to support her in her journey since she is financially disabled at that time.

"I have cried and shed so many tears because I think it's too impossible to work as a VA with a low-end laptop and the threat that it is impossible to find paying clients, but I used those as a way to become more aggressive in pursuing financial freedom. It makes me happy that God taught me to save wisely through the means of becoming a freelancer," Jea shared.

She achieved her goal as a freelancer when she landed on her first two paying clients in July. Before she met Ripple VAs, Jea knew how to incorporate the Chinese mindset - investing the incomes you gained until you earn ten times your initial earning. Along the way, she realized that it is tedious to work and struggle alone. So, she begins to find a VA agency.

Fortunately, she found Ripple on Instagram. Jea took the opportunity to apply to the company. "Ripple VAs marked a history of joy in my career. I am beyond grateful to the team for leading me closer to my dreams and God," she added.

At this point, she enjoys her work with the team, envisioning the future with the brightest light. Though there are challenges, she took them as a stepping ground to soar high in polishing them and learning new skills as a freelancer.

The core-motivation of Jea's success rests upon the idea that God is good all the time. His goodness never runs out. What God promised will come to fruition because God is steadfast in his love. The hopes and courage of Jea come from the source of being in love with God. Also, Jea crafted a folder where she wrote all the good things about God's plans for her, and He works better, faster, and bigger than her. Hope and courage are what Jea Christine made of as a Christian Virtual Assistant in the Ripple. For the rest of her life will remain resilient and steadfast to God, who made her dreams feasible.


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