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[VA FEATURE] Jayne Caranto: On Turning Points and Unlocking The Best Skills

Rewrite your opportunities.

"I entered into the world of freelancing clueless, with only my English skills and university writing experience on hand. But because I wanted to try many things and succeed, I was game to do anything, even writing articles I had no idea what it's about. I carried that attitude with me as I ventured into the world of freelancing. For example, I have no idea about email marketing or lead generation at all. But because I wanna succeed, I tried them".

The person behind these words is none other than— Jayne Caranto, one of the remarkable and now multi-talented VA of Ripple VAs.

Jayne's excellence fueled her on top despite hating the skill that has now set her apart from others.

".... I hate writing. Since UPLB is a research university, we were really into writing papers and such. But I hate it with a vengeance. I used to forgo research paper submissions because I hate the process of doing it. Yet, here I am, in Ripple VAs, actually taking up writing as a specialization. I even trained VAs to do it…."

Jayne Caranto, 26 years old, is a Manila girl who fell in love with the countryside. She lives at the foot of Mt. Makiling in Los Banos, Laguna— and they call themselves "mga nabihag ni Maria Makiling." She is the eldest of four siblings. Her mother was an English and Math teacher who began teaching her English at the age of three. Jayne received thick books to read at the age of 5 and eventually fell in love with reading so much. As a result, she has been recognized with a remarkable mastery of the language early. In fact, UPCAT's reading comprehension test gave her the highest UPG, enough to qualify to the premier university of the Philippines.

As an iskolar ng Bayan, Jayne's journey wasn't a piece of cake. Nevertheless, she managed to study in the morning and work at night. She wanted to work as a freelance writer to cover her expenses while she was in Los Banos because she didn't want to ask for money from her parents.

Despite only having her writing skills, Jayne did not falter from the world of freelance. In 2017, she started her career as a freelance content writer, and It was at this time, she developed writing blog articles. After having years of experience as a writer, she then continued to conquer other skills.

"From writing, I got exposed to basic SEO and WordPress. Thanks to my sharpened writing skills, I can now write blog articles and social media captions, website copy, sales copy, even an ebook! What I used to hate is something that made me who I am today", she stated.

Before getting into the company with Jayne's ad in one of the FB groups, she had terrible experiences with Filipino bosses. However, finding one that is the exact opposite of the previous ones was such a game-changer for her.

"Having a decent salary is just a bonus. It's the environment, the culture of family, that made me stay here. Hopefully, I can stay here for a long time".

Having a great work ethic indeed opens more doors and opportunities. However, Jayne did not have this attitude overnight, but she forged it upon herself through the process. She embodies UP's mantra: Honor and Excellence. Honor first, because there's value in being honest, then excellence. Despite turning in her assignment late, Jayne makes sure that they are excellent; this is her way of compensating for time.

Indeed, many clients were amazed by Jayne's capabilities. Her strong passion and commitment to clients' tasks were one of a kind.

"I'm the type of person to whom you can easily cast a vision. For example, a client wants to help people become better leaders and managers. I love that! I wanna be a part of that, so I'll do my best to help people become better leaders and managers, even if I'm just doing data entry or answering emails for that client. I love being a part of something bigger than myself. That's how I treat each client. I have to believe in their vision for me to be inspired to go to work every day."

"Don't be afraid to ask questions. Yes, you may look stupid, but that's just your mind talking. Most clients I've encountered actually love questions because it shows your interest in what they do. If you want to be a part of something, you have to ask questions. Also, don't be afraid to try something new and unfamiliar," she stated.

"Maybe it's just me being adventurous and all, but I love learning new things. Whether or not it would help me as a skill. For example, I trained for a sales funnel, but it turned out that I hated it. Nevertheless, I tried it because I knew it would eventually be useful. Through training, I eventually learned and improved on my skills," she further added.

Life is unpredictable; it is truly full of surprises.

The things that you might hate today might be the source of your power. All we need is the will and courage to find out what it is for us. Jayne Caranto is indeed one of Ripple Vas' numerous rising employees who excel in their work ethics and abilities.


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