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[VA FEATURE] Jan Dale Carlo Catalonia: Leader and Visionary

Hard-working, goal-oriented, visionary, responsible, and self-motivated reflect Jan Dale Carlo Catalonia's personality, a BSBA major in marketing management at the Cebu Institute of Technology University. Jan is the current president of the CIT University Supreme Student Government. In 2020, he was awarded the Top 2 Outstanding Technologian Exemplar out of more than 7,000 students during the CIT University Gear Awards to recognize his academic performance, extra- and co-curricular activities, and community engagements.

That is why it is quite surprising how Jan Dale Carlo juggles between his work at Ripple and his college degree. He shares his insights of being on the right track for both undertakings.

Jan Dale Carlo applied at Ripple VAs to gain professional experience and skills while earning money to help pay for his school and living expenses. As Ripple's associate internal marketing officer, he affirms that this position is his biggest career achievement, given that he is responsible for serving more than five clients. The moment he was onboarded with his first clients with Ripple was an experience he will never forget. It was nice to watch his clients admire his efforts because the company was so helpful.

He initially saw his work as a method to supplement his income while also gaining expertise. However, after applying, he was provided with a plethora of chances and the opportunity to experience things he had never encountered before. He largely contributes to the company's marketing efforts through social media and the Internet. He is communicative and flexible when working with people and is also goal-oriented, making it easier for him to accomplish things when he has a goal in mind.

Ripple taught him to appreciate what he had. It has long been the company's culture to celebrate everyone's victories, no matter how modest or large they may be. As a result, he grew more appreciative and valued the small achievements. This changed his outlook on life, and he is now happier than ever. Ripple also taught him various professional skills and competencies, which improved his preparedness and career readiness.

Despite this, he balances his personal and professional life by learning to take breaks. He connects with his pals frequently to avoid burnouts, travels, eats out with his loved ones, watches movies, listens to music, and keeps track of everything.

He aspires to be the best, is driven by his enthusiasm, and pays attention to the smallest details. He enjoys playing Scrabble as a lover of language. Communication, Jan feels, is the key to being enthusiastic, goal-oriented, and dependable. It's also important to set clear standards in life and according to him, everyone should be motivated, open-minded, and eager to learn. He also associates with the statement,

"A masterpiece in transit molded by experiences of failures and successes."

If given the opportunity to be famous, he hopes to inspire and educate others. He wants to be known for the values, the experiences, the milestones, and the struggles in life. He finds his family, partner, and friends as special people. Above all, Jan is an indoor and outdoor person, a night owl, and a believer that the cat is a spiritual animal.

Jan is also enthusiastic about interacting with the community. In fact, at the age of 19, he became the Rotaract Club of Metro Cebu - CIT University Chapter's youngest club president. They have done more than 50 community outreach projects and reached out to numerous communities across the Philippines, thanks to Rotaract's goals and his passion for serving the community. He is also enthusiastic about leading teams and organizations toward a common goal. He is driven by a desire to mold, equip, give opportunities, and serve others. His bucket list includes owning a home, a PC set, and traveling to Japan and South Korea. According to Jan, a trip worldwide is expensive but worth it.

Finally, for those aspiring to be virtual assistants who would like to follow his path. This is what Jan shares,

“Whatever you are, be a good one. Don't be afraid to try out new things. If you decide to be a freelancer, always exert the kind of effort that's better than best.”


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