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If there’s one thing Gethel is known for, it’s for her desire to learn and experience new things.

Gethel Lou Dalaguit, called Jethel or Jeth by her close friends, is a 24-year old virtual assistant at Ripple. She studied Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at Southwestern University. Her hard work at Ripple has enabled her to support her family in the best way she can, especially her brother and her two kids.

With her inclination for novelty and trying out new things, she has developed an attitude rarely honed by most people. “I don't feel bad when someone criticizes me constructively,” Gethel says. Instead, she listens carefully to what other people say to her to process their perspectives and use these realizations to try to make herself better. Gethel understands that exploring new things is the only way for her to learn and grow, and she values the lessons she gets from her experiences.

Gethel’s drive for learning and for delving into uncertainties has contributed so much to her self-growth and her critical thinking. This is evident in her pastimes and hobbies, including learning about different cultures through videos, studying the world map, and learning a new language like Japanese and Spanish.

Indeed, the ones with open minds are the ones whose doors are open for endless knowledge too!

While she is continually thriving and glowing, Gethel also shares with us the challenges she has faced, the greatest of which is her timidity. “I overcome it by talking more to friends and even strangers,” Gethel says. "Push yourself [to try new things and to face your fears] because no one else is going to do it for you."

This is why Gethel’s work values are above par. She places honesty and integrity on the highest pedestal, and she is known to be very focused on details. With this, she aspires to acquire enough skills and experience to own and manage her own business one day. With her constant love for learning and improvement, Gethel can reach her dreams in no time!

For now, Gethel is soaking in the community support she gets from Ripple. “What I like about Ripple is that they value their clients and their VAs. They give [a lot of] opportunities to their VAs and help them achieve their income goals,” Gethel shares. She also loves the flexibility Ripple offers because working from home gives her more time to spend with her family. “Ripple has also helped me financially, especially this pandemic. It helped me to gain a lot of skills that I can use in the future as a VA — or even in my daily life!”

As a woman of novelty, Gethel shares this message to aspiring freelancers: “Don't be afraid to try or learn new things. Hone your skills and learn to love what you are doing.”


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