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VA FEATURE: Danele Manzano - A Visionary VA

An epitome of a visionary and hardworking VA in Ripple— Danele Manzano started her career with no knowledge and skills. She noted her past experiences as a rough patch. But it did not stop Danele from applying for the job that eventually led her to where she is right now. This dubious journey she took transformed her into one of the top-performing VAs in Ripple. Before 2020 ends, Danele made a remarkable run for herself after bagging the VA of the week in November.

Danele Manzano is a visionary worker — she ensures that her vision becomes a reality by having clear goals and outlining a strategic plan for achieving those goals. Danele never fails to set out concrete steps to bring a vision to life, and then she leads her co-workers in that direction. However, there are moments in her life where she lost sight of her goals and got burdened with work. But she fueled her motivation through— Colossians 3:23. Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. This verse always steers her back to the right lane.

Moreover, the journey she had with Ripple molded Danele to become an exceptional VA. Most of all, it taught her to create a vision for herself and the people around her. It also encouraged her to build her own business together with her partners. Ripple continuously supports Danele in her goals and visions in life.

One of the best features that distinguishes Danele from other Virtual Assistants is her work ethic and values. Danele said, "I devote time to God, to taking care of myself, my health, to spending time with my family and friends. At work, I try to keep my communication clear, smooth, and lines open for both my clients and colleagues."

Indeed, Danele is a model for all aspiring VAs — she makes sure to have time for herself, family, and work.

Danele never fails to give her one hundred percent in every project she has. "The vision that God has entrusted us and the future that He already prepared for me, my family, and the ministry"—these are the things that inspire Danele to do more.

It is no wonder why one client she's handling right now is one of the longest clients of Ripple. Before Ripple VAs was established, this client was already working with her.

Indeed, finding a visionary VA is a difficult task, but Danele proves that these VAs do exist. Any client would be glad to work with Danele.

Danele conquered the test of time with her faith in God and the undying support of her colleagues.

With that being said, she leaves a remarkable message to all aspiring VAs: "Manage your time and finances well. Get enough sleep as much as possible.


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