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VA FEATURE: Christine Villatura- A Woman of Faith and Integrity

In times of challenges and struggles — she stands boldly and keeps moving forward courageously.

Christine Erlynda Villatura, called by her friends and colleagues as “Tin,” is a woman of character from Bohol who dedicates herself and her work to God, her family, and the community. She got her Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 2016 at the University of Cebu after a year of industry experience. Currently, she is studying for her Diploma in Professional Education with a major in Catechism at the University of San Jose - Recoletos as a scholar of the Archdiocese of Cebu.

Tin is an outgoing person who exudes extreme passion and excitement for her hobbies and other things that make her happy. She loves to swim and to travel to new places every year. Before the pandemic came, she manifested her love for traveling as she had a trip to the Americas. Aside from that, she loves to collect and read books about motivation, business, and religion. She keeps herself sane by meditating, praying, and going to missions in the community - which she identifies to be her way of life.

Her character, founded on faith and integrity, partnered with her strong drive for success, enables her to overcome any obstacle she encounters along the way. She is well-disciplined, organized, and proactive - and these are the characteristics she holds as she aims to be an asset to every organization she works with.

What’s more impressive is that she incorporates faith in her education and profession because she believes that her work is a form of prayer and offering to the Almighty God.

Having achieved everything she wants for herself, she continues to dream, but this time, for other people. She aspires to build her orphanage to help other people and to achieve that, she remains to dedicate herself to work and will never stop pursuing that dream. Her Diploma in Professional Education is one of the many steps she has taken in preparation for the long-term goal of having an orphanage.

Her adventure with Ripple VAs started with her being an intern. Witnessing a Christ-centered and positive workflow, she continued working as a virtual assistant at Ripple, where she was encouraged to live with freedom while reaching her highest potentials.

She loves to work with Ripple because her experiences at Ripple helped her heal from her traumas, and the employees’ good heart for service resonated with her character - who she is and how she wants to live.

She brims with dedication and burns with passion. She takes every experience as a learning opportunity, and she continues to be proactive and bold. These helped her achieve great wins and successes from her clients, and because of her extreme dedication and passion, she was recognized by Ripple VAs in November 2020 as the Virtual Assistant of the Week.

She remains strong amidst adversities, dedicates herself and her work to God, her family, and the community. She says: “Work is not a career; a career is how you do your work. For me, it has to be with integrity”.

That’s who Christine Villatura is - a woman of faith and integrity.


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