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VA FEATURE: Bea Manzano - Good and Faithful with a Purpose

"This is it. This is what your life is for. This is why you were born," a small voice inside her nearby thoughts whispered. It was the start of a lifelong commitment and the forging of a given spiritual purpose. Let’s meet the woman who devotes her life to serving and spreading the gospel of Christ.

She is Rhea Bea S. Manzano, a 25-year-old who doesn’t like writing on ruled papers, makes delicious kimbap, and motivates herself every day through her God-given purpose. In this world where things get shaky, she remains stern on her beliefs. Raised in Cebu City, Bea was enveloped in an environment where she could constantly listen to Bible stories and memorize its verses. However, it wasn’t until college that she realized what her life is for.

In 2016, she got her degree in Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication at Cebu Normal University. She gained her diploma in Secondary Education Major in English in 2017 at the same institution. After that, she became a Licensed Professional Teacher.

In 2018, alongside another young professional, she was assigned to conduct Bible studies and preach in their ministry’s mission outreach in Palawan. Bringing the word of God to other people, she did not anticipate that she would be enlightened as well. The Lord, through the Holy Spirit affirmed in her heart that her life's purpose is discipleship. From then on, she continued living with the intention of being a good and faithful servant.

Before working in Ripple, Bea was the headteacher in her family’s school. Unfortunately, the school was closed down due to the pandemic. Now, she’s working in Ripple. Bea is in the company for a shorter period of time compared to its other virtual assistants but she is in no way a stranger to this type of operation. She has been exposed to the virtual assistant industry when she was just in her junior year of high school and she has been a freelancing VA for 5 years.

Bea shared what she thinks of the company and how it creates a hopeful effect in the world, “Ripple VAs is God's gift to humanity. It's His vessel for the gospel of Christ to be preached all over the world.”

In 2019, she started to take up her Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision. With this and her career in Ripple, she said that her life can be epitomized as a light. She began to quote Matthew 5:14: You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden — This is fitting for her since she is also the spiritual mentor of Ripple VAs’ Team Light.

Every single step of Bea’s life is a path leading to a purpose fulfilled—a purpose that was handed to her by her Creator.


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