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Twitter Spaces and How We Can Use It for Marketing

A business may profit from using social media to engage with its ideal consumers and customers. When the involvement is authentic, consistent, and valuable, the rewards increase. Twitter Spaces provides the ideal platform for bringing such a discussion to your community.

What is “Twitter Spaces”?

According to Twitter, Spaces is a brand-new way for people and businesses to hold live audio discussions on Twitter that amplifies the human voice's power. Because Spaces is a natural extension of what people are already talking about on Twitter, they are designed with everyone's safety in mind, including brands. Hosts can moderate the conversation with the ability to mute, dismiss, report, or block speakers if necessary. These features are designed to keep the dialogue healthy, lively, and brand-safe.

How to get started

Only qualified beta testers can begin Spaces at the time of writing. Everyone will be allowed to host a Space once Spaces are publicly available. You will begin a Space in the same way that you would begin a tweet. Long-press the Compose button on iOS and then choose the Spaces icon, with multiple circles in a diamond shape.

You can also tap your profile pic to open it. After that, the Spaces option can be found by scrolling right and then tap “Start your Space.” Your microphone will be turned off by default, so hit the mic icon to switch it on.

A Space can have up to 10 speakers, not including the Host. You can choose from three speaker options: everyone, people you follow, or only people you invite. When you host or talk in a Space for the first time, Twitter will ask for your permission to have your speech captioned. In addition, users will be able to see live subtitles when listening to a Space. Turning these on will make your channel more accessible and inclusive to all listeners. You will also be able to add a description to your Space when you create it with a maximum of 70 characters.

Hosts can stop a Space by tapping the Leave button in the upper right corner to end the Space for everyone. Alternatively, if a Space breaks any Twitter Rules, it will be terminated. Users can no longer access a Space once it has finished. For the next 30 days, Twitter will preserve the audio and captions record if it needs to analyze the chat for any rule infractions.

What Twitter Spaces can offer:

  1. Genuinely interact with fans and followers. Brands can harness the power of voice to link people with their favorite celebrities, athletes, influencers, artists, and innovators through Spaces.

  2. Create a regular place dedicated to providing brand updates, industry developments, and regular news.

  3. Share product or service announcements to keep your audience informed about new bargains or offers available to them.

  4. Stay in touch with others whenever there is a significant event in music, sports, entertainment, or culture. In addition, you may use Spaces to get followers in on the action if there is a significant event related to your business.

  5. Encourage participation of a wide range of people. Brands may hand up the microphone to a variety of artists, influencers, advocates, and educators. Consider bringing in partners who can provide representation, cultural fluency, and community equity to these discussions. Share additional opinions and debate points from other channels about the brand's content. Follow up with a Twitter space after a podcast, live video stream, conference, or another event to keep the conversation continuing and provide additional insight into a topic.

  6. Get real-time inspiration because brands can use Spaces to listen and learn. You will get quick feedback from the people who matter most. To help speed customer service questions, hold customer-service-related chats in a Twitter space as online office hours.

  7. Host a live Q&A forum where members of your community can ask questions about your services or brand to better grasp or learn more about a specific issue.

Because Twitter Spaces is the perfect place to start a conversation in the community, it indeed ensures a life-long partnership with your clients and followers.


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