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The World of Virtual Assistants

"What is maybe relevant today might not be necessarily relevant or important tomorrow? That is why we must keep ourselves braced for developing strategies, marketing tools, and business models."

Are you considering exploring the world of Virtual Assistants? Do you want to know how to run your business easier?

Today, we will walk you through Ripples' perspective on the various things to consider when beginning in one of the fastest growing businesses, Virtual Assistant.

Coach, trainer, and CEO Jezrel Perez leads the discussion as she walks you through the considerations you should consider before beginning your Virtual Assistance journey.

Coach Jezrel underlined the need to always know your more excellent WHY in the VA industry before beginning any project. She emphasized the significance of keeping in mind your motivation for starting a VA career to maintain clarity, purpose, and direction throughout the Virtual Assistance journey. Your sense of purpose will serve as an anchor when things get uncertain since you won't be able to overcome trying situations without it.

She then talked about the common mistakes of beginners in the VA industry. She categorized it in the perspective of the virtual assistants and the perspective of the Clients who are new to hiring virtual Assistants. The common mistakes she addressed in the episode were as follows:

From the perspective of the Virtual Assistant;

Primarily perform virtual assistants for financial gain. Consider your success as a VA as being more important than money as you begin your career. Practically speaking, everyone needs money, but to succeed in this field, one should look for a feeling of purpose in their work.

You continue to stagnate in the world of virtual assistants. You should work on ongoing improvement to excel in this field. To advance in this sector, you need to invest in improving both your hard and soft abilities and consistently stay educated about new techniques and tools.

They are not Setting Clear Boundaries. Virtual assistants frequently have a work-from-home setup. To prevent burnout, learn to keep your personal and professional lives apart. Start creating clear boundaries to avoid burnout by establishing a productive work routine.

From the perspective of Clients Hiring Virtual Assistants;

You were not setting clear goals. Never assume that your VA will understand your needs exactly. Explain your VAs' intent and their part in making it a reality. To avoid misunderstandings that could lead to frustration later in your relationship, create guidelines and communicate them to your VAs as soon as possible.

You are not setting clear expectations. As a client, you must specify the parameters of your VA's work, the skillset you desire, working conditions, and preferences to prevent disappointment over expectations not being met.

Imperfect timing of hiring. The perfect time to hire a VA is when you have already identified which tasks to delegate. It is crucial to master your productivity by identifying your quadrants. She recommended Eisenhower Matrix as an example that may help you decide which things to prioritize to know the perfect timing of hiring.

Now that you have to go through the things you need to consider before starting your Virtual Assistance Journey, there is no better time to create your VA career than NOW. You'll be astounded by the industry's limitless prospects for advancement as soon as you step inside the virtual assistance arena. Leverage the time that you have for your business so that you can reach the highest levels possible in this field. Indeed, having a suitable VA will be the best decision ever.


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