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The Self-Upgrading Gal

“I am a work in progress, trying to update better versions of me every day.”

Liela Gabrielle V. Fontanosa, also called ‘Gab’ by her friends and acquaintances, is the Head of Client Success at Ripple VAs. She has always viewed herself as a person constantly growing, redefining what success means for herself as she expands her horizons. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in BS Foreign Affairs at Silliman University and is currently a Sophomore law student in the same institution. She is currently 22 years old, and the only child of Pamela V. Fontanosa and Gamaliel Silvanus I. Fontanosa.

Looking at the world with wide eyes and a sense of wonder, she looks for opportunities in every challenge. This is how she has discovered greater heights to conquer, accompanied by her solid faith and focus.

“I got into Ripple because I saw Ate Jez’s post on Facebook, and then I applied as a project-based VA. After completing the project, I was given a job offer and here I am now. I am so glad I grabbed the opportunity!” Gab says, undoubtedly enthusiastic with another chance to upgrade herself through new experiences.

Through her experience with the world of work, she has also realized that there are so many realities happening for different people and that every one of them has their own battles to face. However, there are work values she regards with utmost importance, and what she personally views as a great practice to get any job done excellently.

“I have always tried my best to give out quality output, so I see to it that when I start a new task or job, I’ll learn the basics of it as quickly as possible. Then, before I start working for the day, I go over all the tasks that I need to do,” Gab says, emphasizing that preparing and studying for the task is half the work. Once you have organized your tasks properly and you manage your time to what suits you best, then you can be assured of a productive day.

When asked how the company helped her, she said that Ripple is an essential turning point in her life that was already planned by God.

“Ripple did not only give me a job, but it also became an avenue for me to know so many great people who are my co-workers.”

Her favorite Ripple culture is how it is always so encouraging, making sure that everyone in the company is proactive. “They grow with you,” Gab says, further expressing that Ripple has been an enormous upgrade to her life and sense of self.

With the progress and upgrades she has gone through, there are two things that have not changed. First is her favorite Bible verse, which is from Philippians 4:13 that says,

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

The second one is her laptop’s wallpaper. “The text on it reads, ‘Focus on your goals, baby girl,” and it hasn’t been changed ever since I was a freshman in college!” Gab says, expressing that these things, however simple it may be to other people, gave her assurance in more ways than she could imagine.

Ultimately, she aspires to be happy and content with life, and that she will be able to look back and be proud of what she has conquered. The point of life, after all, is to win against greater and greater challenges.

Like Gab, everyone is a work in progress. However, it is our job to install the updates to the life that we want. Her message to other freelancers is this:

“Never stop learning. Always grab the opportunities that come along your way, even if you are unsure.”


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