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The Real Deal: Instagram Reels in PH

It’s incredible how a tap and a finger scroll can deliver a wide array of information, entertainment, and inspiration. Time after time, newer and more inventive ways are born for cyberspace to dwell on. The users and the audience are getting more engaged by the minute!

Recently, Instagram has introduced one of its newer features in the Philippines—the Reels. This next step of the social media giant has provided the citizens with a fresher platform for amusement and creativity. With that said, Reels is one of Instagram’s state-of-the-art facets where people can develop, edit, and discover brief yet appealing videos in up to 60-second duration.

Reels is packed with new tools for video editing and is conveniently accessible by using the Instagram camera, which is conveniently in the app itself. The users can spice up their Reels game by the following options:


Incorporating songs that match with the vibes of the video creation is essential. Whether it be an original recording or a sound from the Instagram library, everything feels better with background music!


The users have a say on how much time they want their videos to be. The options allow 15 to 60 seconds of duration, keeping the short-video theme in check.


To add flavor with the usual pace of videos, which is 1x, Instagram Reels provide portions with speed from the slowest .5x to the fastest 3x. It all lies in the users’ preferences.


Creators contribute the selection for different effects across the globe and by Instagram as well. With this tool, the user can break free from the lackluster feel and choose to liven up the vibe of the clips.

Video Layout

Why settle with one frame when there are 2, even 3, portions created in Reels? By tinkering on the layout of the video, the user does not have to settle for a single arrangement. The more options, the better!


Creating a short video in Reels doesn’t need to be tedious when done alone. Setting up a countdown for hand-free clips will make the final output look like someone behind the camera doing the tricks. When in reality, it’s just the creator and the timer!

The display of the Reels is not only in its tab but also in Instagram stories, direct messages, and news feeds. These short clips are far-reaching and can be viewed even by people who don’t follow each other, making the entertainment more accessible and popular.

According to the Product Manager of Reels, Erin Pettigrew, they religiously take note of what the community wants to experience and make these an inspiration. Since the users wanted to watch shorter videos, edit content, and entertain a more sizable audience—Reels’ birth transpired.

While it is wise to take incites from the target audience in an arena where new ideas are continually spurting, it is wiser if this ingenuity prospers into a fun, creative, entertaining, and expressive feature.


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