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[SUCCESS STORY] From Classroom to Home: How Khristine Flores Succeeded from Having No VA Experience

Although she believed she was still a work in progress, Khristine Flores considered herself successful now that she can experience financial, emotional, mental, and, most importantly, spiritual breakthroughs.

In many ways, Khristine is different now than before joining Ripple VAs. She reflected on the few months before she joined Ripple as the darkest days of her life. In times gone by, she lost clarity, passion, and purpose. She felt stressed daily. She was unhappy and disappointed.

"To anyone who feels like they are in the lowest part of their life right now, I would like to say that it gets better. Have faith that you are meant to live a beautiful and successful life as God's creation. Whatever you are experiencing right now is not your final destination. I encourage you to seek God and find the path He made for you. Take the leap of faith, take that one step, and God will take the other steps for you," Khristine uttered.

Before becoming a Ripple VA, Khristine taught English subjects to junior and senior high school students in Pasay City. Her good friend encouraged her to apply to Ripple. Khristine admitted she would probably be a public school teacher now had she not joined Ripple. "I think if I were not a Ripple VA, I would have continued my career there. I loved being a teacher, but I am so thankful I am on this new career path that I have now," she articulated.

What the Ripple effect feels like

After joining Ripple, everything finally fell right in Khristine's life. She was able to experience the ripple effect herself. She woke up feeling fulfilled and at peace. She experienced financial breakthroughs, which improved her family's day-to-day lives. Her relationship with God became more profound and substantial, immensely improving her mental and emotional health.

She realized that God had given her a path to take and that things happen for a reason. It made her see that everything she experiences now will be an essential part of her future, whether negative or positive. Striving to glorify God in what she does, she found ease in trusting that whatever happens to her can either be a lesson she can learn from or a valuable addition to herself.

Prayers have their reasons

Khristine grasped that prayers work and God hears them! For years, she prayed hard for the genuine happiness she was enjoying, not knowing that only her faith could lead her to it. Furthermore, she renowned that we could all do whatever we put our minds and heart into; we only need the correct determination and faith to do so.

Khristine's experience also impacted how she made decisions in her life. Right now, her choices are not only for her benefit and enjoyment alone. She now profoundly considers her faith in everything she does. When she was at the crossroads of whether she would continue pursuing a teaching career or take the leap of faith full-time to become a VA, Khristine chose to continue with Ripple because she knew she would be closer to God. It became the best decision in her life. It made her realize that choosing God will never be a wrong decision.

"We should seek God's kingdom first, and He will add everything unto us," Khristine said, venting that she is someone with a heart full of love and purpose.

Khristine added that she does not have an established daily routine, but she ensured that she experiences a grateful heart every day. She shared that her only success habit is praying. She believed it is what has kept her going and what has kept her striving to be better. "You would not be able to achieve it [success] without God's help. It is a way of acknowledging God for taking over your plans and desires. It will give you true success because it was a God-given success," she mumbled.

Getting onto the new career

Currently, Khristine serves as the Satellite Finance Officer in Ripple VAs-Batangas (BTG), and she gets up from her bed every day grateful, excited, and motivated to work on her tasks. She always feels empowered because, in her heart, she knows that what she does right now is not only for herself but also for the Ripple VAs-BTG, the ministry, and God's glory.

Khristine said her mentor's, Ripple VAs-BTG Managing Director Hanna Caraig, career inspires her the most as a neophyte in the VA field. For Khristine, not only is Hanna an outstanding VA herself, but she is also an excellent leader to all. She felt very blessed to be able to work with Hanna every day and strived to be a leader like her.

Aside from the management position she holds at Ripple VAs-BTG, Khristine also serves as one of the new mentors of the ministry. She is also still pursuing her post-graduate studies in English Language Education. Born and raised in Cavite, she loves coffee, cats, dogs, and Christmas music!


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