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Service Operations: Bread and Butter for Every Company

“…imagine a building without a strong foundation; when it is shaken, it will crumble to pieces.”

These are the words of Ripple VAs’ Chief Operating Officer (COO), Shana Manzano, who shared with us the bread-and-butter of Ripple’s Service Operations.

“Service Operations is significant for the company and me. Without it, I believe the company would not last long,” she added.

Indeed, controlling labor expenses and enhancing customer satisfaction both need effective service operations management. That’s why executives would always opt to take their service operations to the next level by targeting efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects.

So how does Ripple do it?

COO Manzano revealed that the company navigates through different departments that contribute to the efficient flow of overall operations:

  • · Chief Accountability Officer

  • · Chief Growth Officer

  • · Chief Community Officer

  • · Chief Recruiting Officer

  • · Chief VA Onboarding Officer

  • · Chief Mission Officer

Remarkably, this thriving teamwork paved the way to several opportunities. Henry Ford, an American industrialist and business magnate, once said that success would eventually come by itself when everyone is moving forward together.

While this statement holds on its own, a business crisis is still inevitable. “We do not get successful results all the time,” Manzano admits. However, this turn of events is normal for any growing company. Thus, she believes that embracing changes throughout the process is crucial. “If there are processes that are no longer working, we make a change in strategy without changing our vision,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Manzano also unveiled the opportunities and weaknesses she came across, which she utilized for the company's benefit.

“We always consider every weakness as an opportunity to grow. One weakness we had would be our manual process with payroll. In the past, since our numbers were still small, our process for payroll was very manual, and we only used sheets to do tracking & calculation. But we thank God that now, we already have a software exclusively created for Ripple to fit our process.”

This goes to show that a business with a Service Operation is like a well-oiled machine. It is truly essential in any firm as it powers an effective & efficient delivery of service.

“That’s why my advice to business officers who want to incorporate efficient service operations is to always work with people involved in the company. Listen to the voice of your people and empower through delegation.”


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