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Ripple VAs | Crisis Management

Every business has always had a crisis management plan. It not only demonstrates a company's ability to respond to unexpected business issues but also reveals its overall preparedness.

A contingency plan exhibits credibility and strength, which speaks volumes about a company's personality.

That being said, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Ripple VAs have shared their Crisis Management experiences and how these aspects paved the way for Ripple VAs to become the progressive and secured organization that it is today.

Ripple's CEO, Jez Perez, shared how she once had a chance to meet with persons who wanted to partner with the Ripple brand under the pretext of growth and expansion.

“…Little did I realize that it was counterproductive to the real goal of having such a partnership in the first place,” she said.

Instead of expanding, the company began to shrink, and the goal became hazy. Fortunately, CEO Jez came out strong and conquered the crisis. She made it a point to get close to God in addition to stepping up and being the company's prime mover and vision driver.

“…Now I am wiser and more careful… I should not allow other people to dictate how the company business should run. So, unless God gives me the ‘go’ signal, I am quick to say no,” she added.

Meanwhile, Melvz Ayacaide, the CFO, discussed her role in crisis management. When a problem arises, she works with the PR team to ensure that all sides of the issue are addressed.

CFO Melvz explains that fixing company problems isn't always a walk in the park. That is why it is crucial to understand the legal ramifications of poor decisions.

“[Doing this] will boost the management’s decision-making skills when the same scenario occurs in the future,” she remarks.

Ripple VAs has protocols such as incident reports, temperature checks of teams involved in such crises, and surveys across all departments and employees to ensure that everyone is still on the same page about corporate policies, processes, and new changes.

Ripple also holds a quarterly company-wide meeting that all Ripple workers attend. This increases the morale and productivity of all Ripple VAs’ employees and managers by fostering transparency, motivation, and focus.

“Because Ripple's processes and systems are always interconnected, we place high importance on cooperation and teamwork,” CFO Melvz said.

To guarantee that all issues are handled and resolved within a week, the organization holds weekly collaboration meetings with Upper Management, the Internal Support Team, and the Chief Accountability Officer.

“We are doing this to have proper order within the company as our God is a God of order. This is only a reflection of His character, which is to arrange things and streamline procedures to serve people,” Melvz shared.

“The more employment chances we give to other aspiring VAs, the more we fulfill our purpose — the Great Commission/Mentorship Session - which is at the core of Ripple,” she added.

Finally, CEO Jez highlighted that Ripple's crisis management is successful and efficient due to the company's management teams, who worked hard to make everything work. “I always believe in listening to the knowledge of my company's leaders,” Jez said proudly.

Crisis management is critical because it helps you anticipate and prepare for a potential crisis, ensuring that it has little to no influence on its growth when it occurs.


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