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Ripple Experience: A Scholar’s Catch

By: Serg Jhun Calibat

When it comes to students, like myself, who vie for success but are conflicted with financial difficulties, a scholarship is bread, which helps out in making students pull through in academic demands. Although free education has been made available, exorbitant prices of books, required materials for projects, and miscellaneous fees which go beyond the depths of our pockets were among the prime drivers which propelled scholarship applications. To the end of what meets the eye, in an eclipse, there is more to what scholarship grants could offer, mainly when you are a scholar of Ripple VAs.

Brief Background of Ripple’s Scholarship Program

Ripple VAs – a now established company of young virtual assistants and professionals – then sowed hope for corporate triumph, and thus, they reaped victories. From their many stories of inspiration, I came to infer that as a company being blessed, they decided to also become a blessing to others. Hence, their scholarship program came to conception. Diligence, as one of its prerequisites in the search for scholars, Ripple VAs, in its mission leg and initiative of making impacts, recognized Mr. Jayle Roy G. Canoy and Ms. Kimberly Anne A. Bionson in its first batch of scholars. In its process, the scholarship program’s applications resume every semester. Providentially, I made it in its roll of second batch scholars together with Mr. Neilson V. Gomera.

Gains of a Ripple Scholar

Unlike other scholarship programs, which only grant financial aid, Ripple VAs tailored its guidelines to require its scholars to render a monthly project and output determined by the management – which is very beneficial to us scholars in developing skills depending on the nature of the project. To add, we were compelled or were amenable to work either individually or with a co-scholar, to which throughout the embedded interactions awed me in knowing about the stories and backgrounds of my co-scholars. Indeed, they are intellectually gifted and academically hard working. As a result, I made new acquaintances and connections.

Another thing, not just on the academic side, the company also encouraged us to attend mentorship sessions which helped in our mental, emotional and spiritual bearing. In a written interview, Jayle expressed that mentorship sessions made him more hopeful. “Ripple’s mentorship program so far is an impressive input that reminds me of God’s promises.” On a beneficial note, personally, it improved my outlook on life. Moreover, Kimberly also stressed the support mentorship sessions pose. “I have considered Ripple as one of my main sources of emotional, mental, and spiritual support. It has alleviated some of my emotional stress as I was able to bond with new friends in an entirely different environment despite the social isolation.”

Furthermore, Nielson imparted how the sessions helped in maintaining good conditions. “Whenever I'm stuck in the free-flowing stream of dilemmas, I think and recollect the insights that I have learned in the mentorship sessions. It helped me in such ways that I got to experience the truest essence of gratitude, joy, and love upon establishing a stronger connection with God.

The Crux of the Experience

The heart of scholarship programs is not just about the financial aid it provides, but also rests on who awards the scholarship. What truly makes Ripple VAs and my experience with the stunning and worthwhile have been the experiences they offer, the inspiration they radiate, and the fresh ideas they pose implicitly. Also describing their Ripple experiences, Kim said that it has been “fulfilling,” while Jayle expressed that it has been “great,” and from Nielson as “filled with teachings, learnings, and blessings.” Throughout these seven (7) months of being a Ripple scholar, I valued competence, diligence, and time more than ever. I was also able to see some changes within me. Today, Ripple VAs achieved its target and aim, turning wavelets into endless impacts as a source of inspiration for positive change.


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