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Ripple Continuing Education Program (RCEP): A Key Forward Initiative

Specks of dust appeared dancing in the shaft of afternoon sunlight that slanted through her room’s window. While eating her salad for the week, she artfully arranged the stuff she used in her remote working situation. It’s Thursday, and she knew she could almost feel the weekend coming. When that hype trundled into her veins, she brought up with her best intentions – peak productivity, connection, and business.

“Bzzzt! Bzzzt!” As far as her phone rumbles go, Tirzah Manzano, one of Ripple VAs’ most talented hands, was reminded of the activity by the evening. The alarm wasn’t just a pinch of something vaguely tuneful. To her, it was a mark of something utterly supreme – another weekly skill display known as the Ripple Continuing Education Program (RCEP).

In Ripple, training boosts a feeling of value in its Virtual Assistants (VAs). To provide the necessary training that cultivates an across-the-board receptive staff who can take over for one another as needed and work on groups or work unassisted without constant aid and leadership from others — the RCEP came to life.

The RCEP is scheduled every Thursday. It is a well-designed training program that integrates both in-person and online resources so Virtual Assistants can acquire a fuller insight of the information given during the workout and have a direction to turn to if problems stem in the future. Moreover, it magnifies understanding throughout instruction. It also deciphers into optimistic, enduring transformations on the company’s mission.

Formally kicked off on July 23, 2020, the said initiative has already hosted 24 training (orientation, in-house, mentorship, and external) that focused on several subjects. While the COVID-19 pandemic keeps wounding the world with severe consequences impacting all individuals, including forcing key hirelings to work from home, RCEP comprises webinars only.

One of the significant challenges the company has dealt with upon executing the program includes the need for more VAs who can train since “they are also inexperienced and need more cultivating.” With this, the company reframed the design to have in-house and outsourced trainers.

“If there’s no training, we’ll have to move it to the day that someone can train, and we also have survey forms to know what training the VAs want,” Tirzah shared. She added that the VAs who cannot participate in the live webinars are sent replays through their email to watch it during their free time.

The following are the topics covered by RCEP so far: Basic Marketing Funnels, Basics of Graphic Design, Basics of Website Design, Basics of Video Editing, HubSpot Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Training, Branding, and Social Media Marketing, Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Ads, Kajabi, Basics of Bookkeeping using Quickbooks, Copywriting, Onsite SEO, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Lead Generation, Conveying Message through Video Editing, Basics of Managing Pinterest, Instagram/Social Media Tips, Insights to Become an Efficient VA, Photoshop Basics, Content & Marketing, and Basics of Blogging.

For months, the RCEP has helped the company’s VAs in discovering their jobs to a full extent and finding comfort in what they are doing. Given all the clients’ feedback to Ripple VAs — the initiative has undoubtedly kept its most significant asset. The company believes that looking for outstanding talent is arduous, but what’s even more formidable is protecting the talent it has connected — so they will hang around. With the RCEP, it is safe to say that Ripple VAs is at the top in advancing its initiatives.


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