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[Process Feature] Ripple VAs' Growth: The Journey to Scaling

When a company puts value on its services and vision, there is only one destination to arrive at — growth. Ripple VAs is a testimony to that.

In providing utmost assistance to their clients, the company is expanding with its footsteps going miles and miles. To track the extent of the company’s growing operation, Ripple ensures that every climb to the top will be accounted for.

Growth in a Ripple way

As the Chief Growth Officer of Ripple VAs, Hazel Joy Cabante shared that Ripple's growth is the company’s journey to scale. “I can say it’s our metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly,” she said.

From being a company of fewer than fifty VAs to almost 300 now and with two satellite offices, Ripple indeed is growing. Ripple’s growth features collective progress that benefits many VAs financially and spiritually.

The process of climbing up

According to Hazel, the growth in Ripple is a broad concept because the company has a lot of areas of progress. For Ripple to continuously grow its clientele, VAs from different internal positions have to come together and do tasks to get a client.

First, they have the Lead Prospecting VAs who generate leads to find prospective clients for the company and book an appointment. Once booked, an Account Officer will handle, do the sales calls, and manage the client under their account. After the sales call, if the client wants to test the VAs out, they will send their trial task, and find a trial task VA for them. After that, the ball will be passed on to the VAs who do their magic and give their best to close the client. Once the client is completed, the VAs, alongside the management and the Account Executive, give their best to address concerns and problems to keep the client under Ripple.

“As a Chief Growth Officer, I work side-by-side with the upper management in initiating efforts to keep and exceed the growth that Ripple is experiencing,” Hazel said.

To monitor Ripple's growth, the officer will oversee the management of the account executives and soon-to-be business development executives to ensure the company hits its KPIs. The officer also ensures that Ripple keeps up with the trends and needs to ensure the company does not lose its footing in the industry.

The peak’s highlight so far

In tracking Ripple's progress, one of the positive changes is knowing the constant availability of clients with the help of the VAs’ skills and characters. Also, raising more leaders and promoting more people are parts of the company’s inclusive growth.

“Ripple's growth is something that a lot of VAs can feel. From having better salaries to being able to buy properties, indeed we can see that as the company grows, the VAs grow as well,” Hazel shared. She also added that the highlights of the company's development are unlimited financial opportunities and deepened relationship with God. Undeniably, there is a 180-degree shift to so many lives.

The ongoing metamorphosis

In Ripple, the VAs are not limited and hindered in achieving their growth as long as they stay committed to progress. Ultimately, the company does not only stop with its current success. With its growth comes the plans to create the right formula that works both for the clients and the VAs.

“I want to get our current process right and be able to document them right so we can get a closer look at what is working and what is not. After making sure the internal processes are in good shape, we will then proceed to find new processes that will complement the existing ones,” Hazel shared.


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