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Overworking: Meet the Misconstrued Productivity

Everything excessive can be harmful. Overworking is not an exception. Pushing the boundaries doesn’t equate to reaching the end goal. If anything, it only strains the endurance to arrive at the finish line.

Why do a lot of people find solace in stretching their time for the hustle and forcing the ability of their body?

The challenge to do more.

They want to be on top of their game every single step, and if working for another couple of hours assures them of their perfectly aligned goals, then no one can tell them otherwise.

The will to earn more.

If juggling two jobs every day means they get to put food on their family’s table or pay for their apartment rent, overworking will be another word for them.

It is a coping mechanism.

Some find a release in doing overloaded works to run from their problems. Some want to break free from the anxiety of failing, so they exert more hours and effort to succeed

It escalates a sense of fake productivity.

People tend to forget to draw a line between overworking and productivity. They think that back pains and fatigue are badges of honor, but they’re not the only measurement of one’s efficiency.

Procrastion remains undefeated.

Cramming means less time. Less time means doing more work than expected. Sometimes, overworking roots from delayed response to the work itself.

Here are the side effects of working more than the body can endure:


Extreme exhaustion due to prolonged stress constitutes burnout. Some of its symptoms include: habitually feeling drained, motivation loss, and withdrawal from responsibilities.

More prone to error.

When a person takes a lot from himself, the balance of his well-being is shaken. If a person loses his optimum state, errors are bound to happen.

Strained personal life.

Aside from work, there’s a lot more in a person’s personal life. Every valuable relationship must be cultivated, and working every single time does not guarantee that. People must earn a living, but they also need to live.

A person can still be on top of his game, all the while establishing healthy boundaries for his holistic growth and well-being. Overworking is overrated. Learn to pause—for everything is more precise when you look at it smartly and intently.


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