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Navigating Success as a Silent Rockstar VAL

Meet Jersey Anne Madrid, affectionately known as "Poy," a shining star from Ripple VAs BTG. Not only is she a pivotal member of the Internal Support team, but she was also awarded the VA of the Year during the celebration of Ripple BTG’s first anniversary celebration.

Poy's Journey to Excellence

One of Jersey's most notable achievements is her mastery of REM for her first one-time project, a testament to her adaptability and resourcefulness. Her journey as a VAL at Ripple BTG, both in terms of client-based projects and internal operations, has been a crucible of growth. Through this experience, she has honed her freelancing skills, elevating her proficiency to new heights.

Work-Life Balance

For Jersey, the cornerstone of a thriving work-life equilibrium is discipline. "Work time is work time, while personal time is personal time (unless there is an urgent task at hand)," she asserts. Establishing firm, well-defined working hours, maintaining an organized workspace, crafting a daily to-do list, and employing time management techniques are essential components of her approach to a balanced life.

Nurturing Your Unique Skill Set

Jersey's counsel to budding virtual assistant leaders is clear and invaluable: invest in refining the skills that set you apart. While diversifying one's skill set is beneficial, having a specialized "niche" streamlines focus and intensifies dedication. This approach not only wards off burnout but also nurtures a wholesome work-life equilibrium.

Jersey's Parting Wisdom

"Becoming a successful virtual assistant leader takes time and effort and we need to be dedicated and committed to delivering value to our clients. Also, experience is the best teacher. We'll surely gain and learn."

Jersey Anne Madrid's journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for virtual assistants aiming for excellence in their careers. Through her dedication, discipline, and relentless pursuit of skill enhancement, she is now one of the best VALs we have at BTG. As she wisely imparts, the path to triumph may be demanding, but it is through such trials that we glean the most profound lessons.


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