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Marketing: High Impact, Low Effort, Almost-Zero Cost

High-impact marketing doesn’t need to be high-effort and high-budget.

Too good to be true? Read on!

Regardless of the amount of time, effort, and money you spend, your marketing can still reach your target audience and will enable them to engage with you further, solidifying your connection and expanding your network.

To understand high-impact marketing even better, here are some of the best examples:

  • A Facebook post with a motivational quote from your company that circulates among target audiences, leading potential clients to message you instead of you reaching out to them

  • A free webinar about an issue that your business aims to solve (e.g. fitness, health, confidence, empowerment) which triples the amount of clients you currently have

  • An Twitter post that with a hashtag that trended on the platform, increasing your followers by half

  • An Instagram story that got reposted by someone influential that your target audience looks up to, thereby increasing your engagements in the platform

  • A Youtube video that comprehensively discusses the benefits your customers and clients will get, doubling your subscribers overnight

There are so many more examples, but ultimately, high-impact marketing will depend on your business goals. The marketing strategies that have worked for others might not work for you, and vice versa.

Wanna know how to achieve high-impact marketing that you can apply to your startup, your small business, or whatever company you want to grow?

Here is a guide from us here at Ripple VAs that have personally worked for us when we first started, and you can use this to guide you in your marketing strategies as well:

1. Establish your presence. Having a logo is not enough for people to recognize you, which is why developing your branding is so important! Branding is not just about the colors, the fonts, and your company’s visual identity. It’s also about the emotions you evoke, the tone of voice you use in your posts, and generally how you deal with people. In this way, people will easily recognize you and turn to you when they have a specific need. Luckily, you can avail of our Branding service here at Ripple VAs that has worked wonders for our clients!

2. Know your target audience and actively engage with them. Your marketing content should always, always be for your target audience. However, for them to check your content out, they have to have a connection with you first. This is what will make them choose to look at your posts and engage with your content among millions of others. Actively like and comment on their posts, view their stories, and strike up conversations! Not only will the social media algorithm be good to you, your relationships with your clients will deepen too.

3. Be consistent. It’s not enough to be a one-time wonder. Even though one of your posts trended on social media, it is not a guarantee that your engagement will be like that for all time. Be consistent and post regularly, and schedule your content in a way that people will genuinely look forward to what you have to say. Posting regularly also increases your chances of showing up on the timelines of your target audience, therefore improving their engagement with your content.

4. Partner with other businesses and organizations. This is one of the most fun and exciting things you can do while also expanding your reach. You can partner with a known organization for a webinar, a podcast, a book, or even a random Instagram story or Youtube video! In this way, their audience will become your audience as well, and having strong relationships with partner organizations is a great way to have a strong support network, and will also increase people’s trust in you. What’s more, having a partner for an event is more cost-effective, because you are splitting the resources.

5. KISS! Yep, you read it right! Keep It Short and Simple! Nowadays, there is oversaturation of content on social media platforms. Sometimes, the best and most efficient way to stand out is to make your message clear and straightforward that won’t leave your clients dozing off everytime you post. The more understandable you are, the more relatable you are as well. However, be careful to not oversimplify your message to the point that the essence gets lost in the way.


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