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MANAGEMENT FEATURE: Onboarding Officer Apple Gee Libo-on

Apple has seen more sunlight and firelight in herself as a result of her work at Ripple VAs— shining, flowing, and everlasting. Apple is often referred to as a ray of sunshine owing to her positivity and a blaze of fire due to her drive and love for her career. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education with a major in Filipino and is a Juris Doctor-II at the age of 22. Apple did not falter from the challenges she has faced, she continued to shine and influence others to keep moving forward. The excellent work ethics exemplified by Apple earned her the reputation of being a reliable employee who strives to do a remarkable mark in every client she had. She places a high emphasis on time and quality, and she works hard to improve as a virtual assistant, a student, and the person she aspires to be. With the exceptional character she had shown to the management team, Ripple has been promoted as the official onboarding officer.

“I did not expect to get it as many are vying for the position. But I prayed, prayed really hard, because at that time I badly needed the financial boost. When I received the email saying that I was accepted for the position I was really happy and still am now,” she noted.

As an onboarding officer, Apple gets the opportunity to introduce the new VAs to the company. She’s also tasked to remind the new VA’s the do’s and don'ts inside the company, as well as the musts (such as sending EOD, replying to clients emails, chats, etc.). Apple ensures a quality onboarding process by staying true to the vision, mission and core values of the company. She places a high emphasis on the process and strives to improve as an onboarding officer, a student, and the person she aspires to be.

This journey has sharpened her social skills, which has had a good impact on her job with clients. She is eternally grateful to her coworkers and the management team for giving her the opportunity to be the onboarding officer. Apple is one of Ripple’s seasoned VAs and onboarding officers as she consistently delivers an excellent output for the company.


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