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MANAGEMENT FEATURE: Chief Website Officer Faith Rubin

Leading with Faith

“I started with zero knowledge, but with the constant help of my Seniors, I became one of the best performing VA for the Ripple VAs,” The person behind these words is none other than— Faith Rubin, Ripple VAs’ Chief Website Officer.

Aside from becoming one of the performing VA in Ripple, Faith also became the Chief Website Officer. She is in charge of the company’s Web presence, including all internet and intranet sites. Through her leadership, she assures the successful execution of the company’s business mission through development and deployment of the company’s web presence. This requires envisioning the company’s service offerings as a web-based business, leading implementation of web applications, and in charge of adding more contents/updates to the site.

Faith has faced multiple challenges and failures, however, she did not falter in finding her passion. She managed to find herself in web designing. “I was really grateful that the company recognized my hard work and believed that I was ready to take on this role and responsibility. The support I have received from the management and my co-VAs has been valuable towards my growth, and I fully appreciate it. I’m just so thankful that they put trust in my abilities and recognize my passion in web designing,” she noted.

Despite the heavy workload from her clients and the new position as CWO, Faith never forgets to pray, Psalm 37:4. “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart, '' was her energy-giving verse. This motivates her to become a better VA every day. Faith says that Ripple strengthens her faith in God: “This company is one of its kind, Ripple is centered not only in giving quality works for the clients, but it also introduces its members to God.” Faith was able to know more about God because of this company. The Ripple VAs molded her not only to become one of the best VAs in the industry but also a good disciple of God’s Words.

As the current CWO chief officer, Faith’s utmost priority is quality. “We've been updating a lot of things on the site this year and to ensure quality websites for the clients we need to have regular quality assurance tests of the site and it should be happening on a constant basis. This will allow us to catch any pertinent issues, such as broken links or missing H1 tags, website speed and uptime, file optimization and many more. As we constantly update and tweak our website, we always find that there’s always new ways to improve”, she noted.

With the support of God, her best friend, and the Ripple Family, Faith overcame all of her obstacles and emerged victorious. She became one of the seasoned Virtual assistants in Ripple and the Chief Website officer. Indeed, Faith is a testament to everyone that skills and knowledge can be learned if we put out passion for it.


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