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MANAGEMENT FEATURE: Chief Payroll Software Maintenance Officer Marjune Redondo

Man of Action: Proving Excellence Through Performance

Talk less. Do More.

“Do your best and let God do the rest—I am really fascinated with this one since I wanted to do my best to God and let him do the rest to those things that I am not capable of. Then, he will guide me in every possible way”.

The person behind these words is none other than— Marjune Redondo, Ripple Vas’ Chief Payroll Software Maintenance Officer.

Marjune Redondo is a graduate of Computer Engineering at the University of Cebu. After graduating, he landed a job as a programmer, a US Based Real Estate Company. However, he worked there for just 9 months since he could not cope with the night shift schedule. Keeping his body clock in sync with the US time was a more difficult task than his job. He then transferred to a company that offered day shifts; he stayed for 11 years as System Administrator and a programmer.

With the new working environment and time flexibility, Marjune spent more time with his wife and 6-year-old daughter.

Marjune can be best described as a man of action. Instead of talking too much about himself, he listens to the needs of his clients. The information he gathers from truly listening allows him to develop and undertake much more effective actions for the tasks at hand. “I am not really good at speaking; I just want to do the work”, he stated.

Rather than focusing on what Marjune’s going to say, he shifts his focus to what is being said. Many people listen to have their opinions validated. However, Marjune listens and learns from others. The actions and ideas shown by him speak louder than words.

The small, consistent actions of excellence exhibited by Marjune echoed to the Ripple VAs management; he was then promoted as Chief Payroll Software Maintenance Officer. “I was happy and thrilled after I was chosen to become CPSMO. And I’m glad that I can share my talent with the company”, he stated.

As the new Chief Payroll Software Maintenance Officer, Marjune noted setting aside time for his new position. And If there’s a problem encountered, he will make sure to create a solution by coordinating with his co-creator Melvie Ayacaide. “Currently, I do not have any struggles since I know what to do”, he stated.

Marjune seldom talks, but when he does, his words are filled with assurance. “I am hoping that my talent as a programmer and system administrator will benefit more clients”, he stated.

In the future, Marjune wants to have his own house and lot, which he can call home. The solid willpower to manifest his dreams are anchored from his motivations—God and Family. “God puts me this way because he knows I can do it and my family to help me when I am down”, he stated.

Being part of Ripple VAs was not an accident, but it is the providence of God for Marjune. He believes that Ripple will help him in his journey to achieve. “The Ripple VAs really appreciate their VAs and help them grow. Moreover, they also do a mentorship program”, he stated.

Indeed, Marjune is an example of a marvelous virtual assistant; he makes sure that his actions speak for him—excellence. Marjune proved that he’s an exceptional talent for Ripple. To the new seeds of the freelancing industry, Marjune has a message;

“Be patient and do your best at all times. Pray to God first and ask him for guidance”.

Marjune Redondo is one of Ripple Vas’ exemplary leaders who prove his words through his excellent actions.


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