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Management Feature: Chief Mission Officer Stella Geraldez

Traversing Into a New Journey While Conquering Mistakes Within

Trust yourself and the word of God entrusted to you.

“I would like people to learn from my mistakes. And I want to show others how important it is to trust ourselves because God has given all of us the capability and strength to go through whatever challenges are in front of us.”

The person behind these words is none other than— Stella Geraldez, Ripple VAs’ Chief Mission Officer.

Stella Geraldez has been an inbound phone specialist for more than eight (8) years. Repeating the same cycle of work can be draining. However, Stella tries to recharge her strength by doing what she loves— creating realistic sketching or drawing for traditional and digital art. Aside from doing her artwork, she also gets motivation by doing meditation as a lifestyle. “Having alone time with God recharges my drained and tired soul,” she stated.

When Ripple VAs’ was still starting, Stella was invited to be part of the team. Jez scouted her with her formidable and excellent work ethic. Stella accepted the job; however, she left Ripple for a while. And after how many months, she returned and decided to be a Virtual Assistant as her permanent job and applied with Ripple again. According to Stella, Ripple isn’t just a company, but it is a home, a sanctuary for us who can worship the word of God.

“The culture that I like best in Ripple is being able to speak God and honoring God in everything, may it be within and outside Ripple,” she stated.

After taking a short break from Ripple, Stella has proven her worth and is now ready to take

another challenge as the new Chief Ripple Mission Officer. “It was a humbling feeling. However, the role is also aligned to one of my heart desires, which is service to others, “ she stated.

“I will be able to carry out the tasks by giving my best and putting my heart into it. So do not be overwhelmed and do what needs to be done at the moment”, she added.

Sailing into a new journey is never easy; Stella also encountered problems in her new role. The struggle that she has experienced, for now, is streamlining the process. Since this is a newly established role, according to her, understanding the mission programs and creating SOPs is her utmost priority.

Despite the problems she encountered as Chief Ripple Mission Officer, Stella did not falter from adversities. Instead, she sees to it that she continuously learns from her mistakes. Indeed, Stella is one of Ripple VA’s pride. There’s no doubt that the role as CRPMO is tailored to fit her.

Since its beginnings, being part of Ripple is a statement; with more than eight years of experience in the industry, Stella proved that she’s a seasoned talent for Ripple. To the new seeds of the freelancing industry, Stella has a message;

“I would like to encourage my other freelancers to give time to know and develop their skills even more. And to work not to be greater than others but to be better than who they were yesterday. There is always room for growth, but a prideful heart will lead to destruction. And above all, honor God in everything that they do”, she stated.

When life starts to throw you problems, and you start to commit a lot of mistakes, use this as an opportunity to learn and grow. The adversities that we are facing right now are just obstacles preparing us for more extraordinary things.

Stella Geraldez is one of Ripple VAs’ outstanding leaders who guide new employees to excel and do better in life.


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