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Management Feature: Chief Client Success Officer AJ Mamitag

Joseth Armell Mamitag is the current Chief Client Success Officer (CCSO) of Ripple VAs. Being a family-oriented person having two siblings and twelve dogs, he is friendly, funny, a good listener, a dancer, and a good cook. That is why he is often referred to as the Kuya of everyone. He loves collecting perfumes and could not refuse to eat food that had coconut milk. He dreams of having a vacation with his family abroad to savor all the cuisines they could find, have his own home, and provide his mom and dad a better life. For him, success is when you keep the ball rolling since it defines having a promising career. Likewise, he is passionate about being steadfast in accomplishing his aspirations.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, he started working at the age of 19, and he moved to Manila to pursue a career in the BPO industry way back in 2007, where he started as an Outbound Sales Rep. Then he worked his way to become a Subject Matter Expert, then a Trainer. Soon after, he returned home to Nasugbu, Batangas, in 2015 and took a break with his family.

Another opportunity came in 2016, where he started working in a fly-by-night center and got promoted as a Team Lead, then after a few months promoted as an Operations Manager, one of his two most outstanding personal achievements. However, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2019, resulting in him working from home as a freelancer. After that, he worked as Admin Assistant and Outbound Sales Rep for an Insurance Firm based in the US. However, in April 2021, the External Marketing Director reached out and invited him to join Ripple. Likewise, that is how his journey to establish better opportunities in life at Ripple VAs started.

In the workplace, he is a results-oriented person, a hard worker, and always strives to go above and beyond. Upholding the best sense of professionalism, he maintains integrity and good work ethics with his boss and co-workers. If he is uncertain about the task, he would ask questions to ensure things are going smoothly. He does not like to rush things and ensures an allotted time to do his tasks. He usually works at 8 pm and starts the shift by checking emails and accomplishing urgent tasks, and at 10 pm, he would start working for the clients and sometimes prepare to schedule AE calls.

As the current Chief Client Success Officer, he is responsible for building good and strong relationships with the clients. He also helps acquire more clients through referrals, upselling packages, and upgrading packages. The main goal is to make sure that all client-facing departments are unified to ensure client satisfaction. The focus of being a Chief Client Success Officer is more on client retention. With this new role assigned to him, he strives to expand the number of clients and retain almost, if not, all the clients. He is having the best experience in his life, and Ripple helped him be proactive, supportive, and spiritually enlightened. His message to other freelancers is never to stop; you can always take a break but should never quit attaining your ambitions in life.


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