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Ken Patrick Du and His Multifaceted Life

His typical working day would be every day.

Fueled by the thirst to do something 24/7, he grew up being taught the importance of distinguishing between what he needs and what he wants. This ever-expanding, 25-year-old Capricorn from Dumaguete City knows what he is willing to pursue in life—and so he did just that.

He is Ken Patrick Du, and this is a piece of his journey.

Ken graduated Cum Laude from AMA Computer College with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. As he became a virtual assistant in Ripple VAs for a few months now, Ken revealed that his career goes way back and moves forward. He used to work as a Software Engineer for three years and is currently an SK Chairperson in his Barangay. The latter is such a compelling experience for Ken, so much so that it has changed his outlook on life.

“The votes I received signify the people's confidence in me, and I will always do my best to uphold that trust in the performance of my duties in return,” he proclaimed.

On another note, Ken’s academic pursuit is not one to be left behind. The pinnacle of his life was his entrance into law school. He said that it had provided a highlight in his journey. The knowledge he is gaining from the opportunity has proven to be one of his wealth in life. The experience he firsthand grasps is being put to good use in his everyday endeavors.

As part of his multifaceted life, he is a provider of help to those in need of it—a virtual assistant. His relatively new career as a VA did not stop him from garnering the VA of the Week award after only a month of operating. He shared that Ripple’s faith and belief in him serve as his motivation to strive harder and live up to the company’s goals and vision.

“Ripple is my second home. It gave me comfort that no other company can give. The possibilities in ripple are endless, and you will undoubtedly discover something new every day. One of the reasons for the company's growth is the confidence they put in their employees,” Ken said.

Ken thinks that one of the company cultures that he treasures the most is being part of a team wherein competition is nonexistent and that helping each other is cultivated.

This Dumaguete-raised VA, which has an enthusiasm for Volleyball and Badminton, is a living testament of people who are not afraid to intensify their reach in life. A public servant, an academic student, and a virtual assistant—these are just some of the facets that Ken lives by every day. He is filled with these roles, but he knows this is rooted in the same principle he was taught to ever since: to discern what he wants from what he needs.

Describing himself as resilient, Ken shared, “I always try my best to recover from every downfall. ‎I hold myself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of me.”


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