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Jeorjen Ayacaide: A Mother and a Career Woman

Sometimes, when we are being thrown into a swirling pool of responsibilities, it is inevitable for us to feel submerged. When a lot of things are being put onto our plate, we tend to shy away from the excess, and we go for the things we can stomach.

But as we go along, we notice that we become more tolerant of sacrifices because the very things that we are doing aren’t just for ourselves. They’re also for the people we wake up for every day.

With this, we become selfless.

“Why do we strive?” is probably the most used motivation to carry on, and this one Ripple VAs’ Virtual Assistant is not an exception to that.

From being a working parent to building her own family, let’s take a peek at the life of Jeorjen Nacua Ayacaide.

A mother of two, Jeorjen, is a 28-year-old Ripple VAs’ Virtual Assistant for a year and five months now. Yes, she is a working parent and that, alone, is enough to salute this woman.

Balancing both work and parenthood, Joerjen disclosed that it is not easy to juggle two different aspects of her life. Running on to her usual 2-3 hours of sleep every day, she summarized that her experience of having a full plate is fulfilling as much as it requires hard work and patience.

Cultivating her work values, she maintains the discipline of always finishing her tasks within the day and is consistent in going the extra mile for her clients by asking them for more tasks that she can do. Eventually, reaping the fruit of her labor, she was hailed as Ripple VAs’ Virtual Assistant of the Week on the 15th of August.

This success, like any other victories, did not just happen over time. In fact, Jeorjen still gets jittery when talking with clients. But did it stop her from prevailing? An absolute no. Instead of succumbing to her uncertainties, she manifested the courage to continue the path she is traveling because her journey is not just for her benefit but for her children as well.

On the difference between her life before she gave birth and her life after, she proclaimed that almost everything has changed. Her lifestyle has become central to the welfare of her children, her mindset has become more mature, especially when it comes to budgeting, and she has finally mastered the art of complaining less and doing more.

One of Jeorjen's aspirations in life is to build a home that her family can call their own. This is one of the many reasons why she also aspires to have more clients in the future. Jeorjen fully believes that in utilizing her work ethic and best practices, she can acquire and realize all of her dreams.

"Don't hesitate to try a new journey in your career life. Keep learning new things to enhance your skills and become more effective freelancers," Jeorjen remarked.

The world is an overwhelming battlefield that we must survive, but the people that we would fight and die for might just be the reasons why we are still carrying on all this time. Jeorjen describes herself as a selfless person — and maybe we all are for the people we love.


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