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Jeayann Asman: Conqueror of Failures and Transformer of Opportunities

Some things don't go as expected. Setbacks happen most of the time. No one is perfect; at some point, we all fail. However, the failures we experienced in life don't account for our losses. Instead, it is a sign that we are trying. The setbacks are a normal part of the path to success. But there are certain people in the freelancing industry that are not afraid of failure. Jeayann, a VA in Ripple, creates opportunities and bounces back stronger after encountering a failure. She keeps moving forward despite the rough road ahead of her.

From the exquisite beauty of Palawan island, there lies a fantastic person, Jeayann Asman. She lives in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Puerto Princesa City. Jeayann is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Technology Information. The course she took was something out of her curiosity. In her high school years, Jeayann wasn't able to use a computer. So, to fill in the gap and strengthen her knowledge about computers, she decided to pursue Technology Information. Despite the uncertainties and doubts about herself, she continued to be outstanding in her chosen career path.

Moreover, Jeayann has a close relationship with her family. She's been under their love and care ever since she was a child. After graduating from college, she stayed with her family to help manage their business. However, after being with them for such a long time, Jeayann decided to walk on her journey. She wanted to be independent and find a job that is suitable for her skills.

After deciding to move away from her family, everything became so unsure for her. Jeayann was scared of the decision she made. Maybe, it was the wrong choice. However, with the words of God, she was able to find clarity. After months of struggle, she finally landed a job as an IT officer. Everything seems to be perfect for Jeayann, but she disliked the kind of workplace the company had. So, she decided to resign and focus on the word of God.

Spending time with God has strengthened the courage and will Jeayann to find another job. After months of pondering what her life would be without the word of God and her sister. Jeayann encountered a life-changing chance. She enrolled in Ripple Success Academy, from there, she trained a lot on how to become a successful Virtual Assistant. However, when the training ends, Jeayann finds herself in the doldrums. She started questioning her abilities and falling out of love with the things she liked before. When the hope of Jeayann was fading, her sister was there to fuel her back to the game. And things became more lively for Jeayann after being hired as one of the Virtual Assistants for Ripple.

According to Jeayann, Ripple is not just a company that helps you grow as a VA but also strengthens your faith and spiritual life. The company emphasizes— to always do our best in everything that we do; Do everything in love; Stay humble all the time and; be an instrument to help others. Jeayann said, ". I chose to stay because being a VA here in Ripple is such a blessing, especially when you're surrounded by people who love God. So, I wanted to grow more Spiritually together with my co VA."

To all the aspiring Virtual Assistants reading this feature article, Jeayann has a message for you;

"Don't worry if you have zero knowledge in the VA industry; as long as you are willing to learn, you will succeed. Remember to be humble in life and always have a teachable heart. And don't be afraid if you make a mistake; we can all learn from it. Lastly, always seek God first".


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