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Independence in the Fourth Industrial Revolution:How Fresh Graduates Become Bosses

It is a big leap to climb the corporate ladder, supervise, and manage your company and workers. Being a think tank of an establishment requires a huge responsibility. However, before you become the company’s leader, you have to become a good employee first.

Ripple introduces you to these recommendations to help you transition from being a student to a desirable employee. 

  • Manage your digital footprint. The things you post on your social media will reflect what you are as an employee. So as much as possible, try to filter the stuff you post on social media. Create an account on LinkedIn since it gives better opportunities for networking.

  • Create a new Email Account and Phone Number for Work. Having a dedicated email address and phone number for contacting co-workers and clients will help organize your work-life.

  • Adapt to your working schedule. Whether you are planning to work at home or spend several hours a day working in an office, expect that your schedule will change. It may demand you to wake up in the morning or work very late at night. Likewise, you should limit the time spent with your friends. Possess flexibility in your time by learning how to balance it with your new schedule.

  • Have Healthy Work Habits. Prepare lunch and healthy snacks beforehand so that you can monitor the kinds of food you eat. Do not forget to drink water from time to time. Additionally, spend around 30 minutes a day standing at your desk to boost your energy. You can also do stretching at least once an hour to avoid back pain and sore muscles. Utilize your breaks with a ten-minute power nap will refresh your mind and enhance your focus. Just make sure not to do it during your work.

  • Have Healthy Computer Habits. Computers and smartphones emit bluelight, which is harmful to your eyes because it increases the risk of digital eyestrain. To avoid this, remember to have short breaks and turn the brightness down on your display. It is recommended to look away and stare outside the window every 20 minutes to let the eyes rest and relax.

  • Update your resume. It is always good to collate all your awards, certificates, and achievements after you graduate from school so you can easily apply for that new job opportunity if prepared beforehand. Every accomplishment, promotion, and work experience should be in your resume. Likewise, it will increase the chance of you getting accepted.

Lindsey Pollak formulated three easy steps to become a future boss.

LEARN. To lead others, you must lead yourself first. Develop your knowledge based on theories and experiences, mindset towards your goals, and attitude in improving your strengths and weaknesses.

LEAD. A good employee is different from a good manager. Being a new leader will require you to do things that are unfamiliar to you, such as assigning responsibilities, delegating tasks, interviewing, hiring, and demoting or firing. After all, leadership is trying to learn something new every day.

LAST. New leaders are often overwhelmed by responsibilities, which will result in exhaustion and being overwork. It will shift their direction away from career and personal development. Always focus on your progress and try to adapt to the fast pace of the world.

Thus, there is no shortcut to success, but it is always a process and timing coupled with dedication and hard work in the workplace. Being able to rise from a young age to be occupying on the manager’s seat is a privilege. It is best to honor your work by always setting a good example for your workers to follow and emulate.


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