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How to Write Impressive Application Letters for Online Jobs

How you write about yourself will determine how far you will get in life— make sure it reaches as far as the spot in your dream career!

Writing about yourself comes in the form of an application letter. An application letter is also known as a cover letter, and it usually accompanies the resume when applying for jobs. The key to making a good application letter is to make sure the information is not redundant with the content of your resume. While the resume contains your experiences and qualifications through an outline or bullet format, an application letter shows your personality— telling the employer why you are the best person for the job based on your knowledge, skills, abilities, and cumulative experiences. With your application letter, you get to show why you are different from the other applicants, and it just might be the reason for your acceptance to the job you’ve always wanted!

The online job application system has become more competitive in light of the pandemic, because unemployment rates have skyrocketed in face-to-face work settings. People now go online to seek jobs that enable them to work from home without risking their health, and empower them to take better control of their time.

In order to stand out to employers, here are the tips on how to write impressive application letters when applying for online jobs:

*Whether they require it or not, make sure to write one.

There are some companies who, when urgently looking for potential employees, do not specify their requirements. When this happens, make sure to stand out among the rest by including an application letter along with your resume. With this, you are sure to stick! Employers are always looking for workers who are meticulous and go beyond what’s expected of them.

*Put the necessary sections.

There should always be a heading, a salutation, the body, the complimentary closing, and the signature. The heading contains the contact information of the employer and your own, followed by a salutation which is a short yet impactful greeting. The body should then be divided into three main sections: what job you are applying for and how you knew about it (it will be helpful to mention the name of a person that referred you, especially if this person holds a high position in the company); the details of your experiences, your accomplishments, and the skills you’ve developed that are relevant to the job you’re applying for; and the last one will be the expression of gratitude to the employer and how they can contact you. In the complimentary closing, write a brief word or phrase other than “Best,” or “Sincerely,” or “Yours Truly,” that will help the employer remember you. Lastly, include your name and signature followed by your contact information.

*Make a specific and quantitative outline that highlights your skills and experiences relative to the position.

When writing your application letter, don’t just state your previous job experiences and a general description of what you did during your time. The better way to go about this is to mention the specific achievements and data of the progress that happened in a certain organization or company because of YOU. Make sure to imply that wherever you existed, that space and position certainly thrived.

*Make sure it looks professional.

Your application letter should look readable and appropriate for the company you are working at. The simpler it is, the better. Make sure that you consider the proper format that includes length, spacing, font type, and font size. The usual length is one page, the font type is usually Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri, and the font size is usually 11 or 12.

*Reread and edit.

Once you finish writing your application letter, be certain that you reread it several times. The first version of what you wrote is a draft, and there is always something to improve on. Even if you think it’s already perfect, there is no such thing! The more you reread it, the more you can see the mistakes and remedy them. You can also consult a professional to check your work, so that your application form is at par with the experts.


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