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How Ripple’s VALs are Shaping Brand Design

In today’s ever-changing and art-driven society, graphic design has become a paramount tool of every business’ branding and communication strategy.

Graphic design is another form of communication that serves to make an impact on target audiences, leaving a lasting impression on them and promoting engagement with the business’ identity. With social media dominating the advertisement platform nowadays, businesses are looking for unique ways to stand out, which is where outsourcing firms like Ripple VAs and its virtual assistant leaders (VALs) excel.

Here are some of the graphic designs that our VALs offer:

PowerPoint Design

When you think about it, making PowerPoint designs seems easy—even a grade-schooler can create publication material using this platform for their school presentation. However, the difference between static and dynamic presentation is that the former usually does not use designs to communicate, whereas the latter creates visually appealing designs to engage with audiences.

In creating entertaining, educational, and aesthetically pleasing presentations, a PowerPoint must have these components for effective communication. A well-designed PowerPoint presentation does more than just display data; it captures the main idea, improves audience understanding, and leaves a lasting impression. Our VALs are master PowerPoint designers, ensuring that each presentation is designed to present information in the most captivating way possible.

Photoshop Design

Photoshop is one of the hardest virtual tools to master, but here at Ripple VAs, we are certain that our VALs are skilled at utilizing this tool to retouch photos, edit images, and produce spectacular original graphics.

Producing captivating Photoshop designs that leave a lasting impression is what our VALs are good at. Not only do they improve the visual representation of any project, but their mastery of the tool enables them to generate designs that stand out in the digital market.

Podcast Design

Cover art, episode visuals, and promotional materials are some of the components of a well-designed and high-quality podcast. Our VALs are used to producing visually appealing podcast covers that pique the interest of potential listeners.

In the digital market, it is important to include cover art to make a good initial impression as it draws attention from the audience. With our VALs’ proficiency in art and a great eye for design, creating and using appropriate artwork, fonts, textures, and color schemes that correspond to the podcast’s topic is easy as pie.

Infographic Design

With the abundance of information nowadays, infographic design is an innovative way to transform complex information into formats that are visually pleasing and simple to understand. Our VALs’ are adept at combining text, imagery, and user-friendly design to communicate effectively with audiences, whether choosing icons, graphics, or charts to complement the information being presented.

VALs are not your usual virtual assistants, and they are more than just designers; they are collaborative subordinates who help clients develop ideas and translate them into compelling graphics. At Ripple VAs, we believe that graphic design is more than just putting images together, so we make sure that our VALs are equipped with timely and relevant skills through training workshops for them to continue improving in the areas of design.


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